Are you impress with the Pope's attitude

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Are you impress with the Pope's attitude

Pope Francis is called as the people's pope because of his humility and friendliness. Do you find it impressive?

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I will go as far as to say,

I will go as far as to say, he is less bad than can be expected of a pope.

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Appearances can be deceiving.

Appearances can be deceiving. Mother Teresa is a fine example of that.

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Yes, certainly.

Yes, certainly.
I did say "...than can be expected of a pope". That really doesn't set the bar very high, now does it. :)

Maybe it is a PR stunt, but his controversial statements, like "If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, well who am I to judge them?", has been a little amusing. I get the feeling he is a loose cannon and a constant headache for his puppet masters.

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Why mother Teresa is an

Why mother Teresa is an example?

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She was horrible. Some of

She was horrible. Some of the things she did: withhold pain meds from patients because suffering brought them closer to god, reused needles, sent a great deal of the $ donated to her hospitals to the Vatican bank...the list goes on. Her fame was all just a huge PR job.

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Yep, as Cyber is saying, here

Yep, as Cyber is saying, here is a Hitchens video dedicated to Madre Teresa:

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Yes. I'm still not buying

Yes. I'm still not buying what he's selling, but it just makes just me WANT to like him and his little ecumenical self.

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You have to understand that a

You have to understand that a pope is just what a mascot is for a football team.

He is not the one that makes the decisions, the cardinals are.

They choose a pope, they replace the pope when they want to.

They control what god thinks, wants and says.

When you have this knowledge, does it matter how nice the pope looks?

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Victim blaming on the Charlie

Victim blaming on the Charlie Hebdo attacks doesn't make him seem any less than a typical authoritarian arse to me.

From the Guardian
On the day another cartoonist victim was buried at Père Lachaise cemetery, the pope came as near as dammit to suggesting that Charlie Hebdo had it coming. “One cannot provoke; one cannot insult other people’s faith; one cannot make fun of faith,” he said.

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Pope Francis is the leader

Pope Francis is the leader (real or nominal) of Roman Catholicism. He is a good Catholic, and appears to be a good man. What more can you expect? By general human standards, he's an authoritarian, but he leads a religion with two millennia of entrenched authoritarian structure, so again, what surprise is there in that?

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