Ark Encounter’s Attendance Numbers

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Ark Encounter’s Attendance Numbers

For more than a year now, it’s been a guessing game for a lot of Ark Encounter’s critics as to what the attendance really is over there.

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Haha. That Ham is a deluded

Haha. That Ham is a deluded wanker.

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@Agnostic Prophet: "That Ham

@Agnostic Prophet: "That Ham is a deluded wanker."

That's an insult to honest wankers everywhere.

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Haha. Very true.

Haha. Very true.

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Thanks for sharing the link.

Thanks for sharing the link. It was an interesting read.

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I question whether the Ark

I question whether the Ark Encounter will have sustained repeat business year after year. Will the visitors keep bringing their kids back like they do with other amusement parks? Will they shoot their wad in the first few years? We will see.

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I'd visit it, just to see

I'd visit it, just to see what the creationists are bleating on about. Id probably want to gouge my brain out with a dull spoon because of an over dose of "stupid" afterwards, but if I just happened to be in America, in Kentucky, passing by, with a day to kill and it was free...

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There is a dose of stupid

There is a dose of stupid every time you speak to a theist

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Some theists are more mind

Some theists are more mind numbing stupid than others. Creationists are top draw stupid.

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@Agnostic Prophet:

@Agnostic Prophet: "Creationists are top draw stupid."

Did you ever hear Richard Dawkins' anecdote about the Oxford University astrophysicist? At work he measures the ages of stars and galaxies in billions of years. Privately he's a young-Earth creationist who believes the universe is about 10,000 years old.

Kurt Vonnegut described this phenomenon in a comment about how otherwise intelligent people could be Nazis. He said some people's brains are like cuckoo clocks with one tooth missing from a cog wheel. The clocks tell the right time most of the day, but every few hours the hands suddenly go crazy.

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