Ark Encounter’s Tax Rebate Suspension Could Be Reversed

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Ark Encounter’s Tax Rebate Suspension Could Be Reversed

The state of Kentucky has suspended the tourism-related tax rebate for Ark Encounter because the attraction is now run by a non-profit group, violating the terms of the deal. It’s very likely a non-profit because the for-profit attraction had to pay a “safety fee” to the city of Williamstown and wanted to get out of it.

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At night when all the

At night when all the christians are safely home in bed, it looks like they turn it into a rainbow floodlit gay disco.

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"totally accurate replica of

"totally accurate replica of Noah's Ark"

Just like Disneyland has a totally accurate replica of Cinderella's Castle.

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Another termite in this

Another termite in this wooden boondoggle

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Interesting story to watch.

Interesting story to watch. Guess prayer isn't working for them.

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