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First of all - everyone

First of all - everyone really needs to stop talking about "The Bible" and "It's Meaning." There is no book called "The Bible." The Bible is an anthology of texts and they all have different meanings based on the authors who wrote them. If you look at the gospels for example, they all describe a different Jesus. One is born of earthy parents and becomes divine at his crucifixion. One is born human and becomes divine at his baptism. One is born divine and has the power of god. Bart Erhman has a great lecture on these differences. This idea of referring to the Bible as a book is just nonsense. How Jesus became God.

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Sorry guys, I've been busy

Sorry guys, I've been busy with work. Give me time to read and answer everything. Thank you for the engagement!

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@Urban Spurgeon

@Urban Spurgeon

Hey, AB, you really suck at this troll business. Just sayin'...

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Urban Spurgeon - Because I

Urban Spurgeon - Because I have seen Him (figuratively) with my own eyes.

I would think something you saw with your own eyes would be literal.

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@Urban Spurgeon: "why do I

@Urban Spurgeon: "why do I believe what I believe?", its because God caused me to Himself."

Can you describe the causal process involved? Was there a sudden bright light that struck you blind while you were walking to Damascus? Did you hear saintly voices telling you to form an army and free France from English domination? What actually happened to you?


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