If the God of the Bible exists, I want no part of him.

What if there is a God

If, for whatever cruel twist of fate, the God of the Bible exists, I want no part of him. I, along with what I hope is the vast majority of humanity am better than him. I know more than he ever taught. I see beyond horizons that he could never reach. I love more genuinely than He. I help more than He. I understand myself better than He ever could. I see planets, stars, solar sYstems, galaxies just on the edge of humanity’s perception. I can even sometimes catch a small glimpse of our universe, and all the wonder and beauty it holds. Your god is too small for me.

– Tom Hanak  (Your God is Too Small)

Quote Source: Your God is Too Small

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That was well stated, who is

That was well stated, who is this Tom Hanak I followed the quote source but would be interested in reading more stuff from him I looked him up on Wikipedia but found nothing there Googled his name and found more than this biblical god ever knew about which was a link to his blog and a Facebook profile that may or may not be his. All that said I do hope Tom Hanak does continue writing for the Atheist republic because I would like to read more.

Yeah the god of the bible was a nitwit, if an intelligent creator of the universe does by some twist of fate exist it would be way more intelligent than the bible made him look..

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