Ask me a question about Christianity

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Ask me a question about Christianity

I saw another thread where you asked a guy some questions although he have yet to answer them. So I thought I might be able to answer some of them myself.

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I'm sorry, I'm not interested

I'm sorry, I'm not interested.

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Do you shave women's heads if

Do you shave women's heads if they attend church services with their heads uncovered?

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Why do you believe in it

Why do you believe in it would be the ultimate question for me I guess. Isn't it clear to by now that it's complete bullshit?

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Cool. What gods or god do

Cool. What gods or god do you believe in, and why do you believe?

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JacobCorneluis: Why should I

JacobCorneluis: Why should I believe any of it?

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Which of the two creation stories do you believe in?

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There might be as many as 4

There might be as many as 4 creation stories but I assume you mean the ones in genesis.

He created The earth, plants, animals and of course homo sapiens all over the world.
He also created a garden that was separate from the rest in which he created Adam and Eve.

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Yes, I meant Genesis. Which

Yes, I meant Genesis. Which came first Adam or everything then Adam?

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Here's a question. In Africa,

Here's a question. In Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific, Christianity was the cult of the conqueror, the justification for slavery, the destroyer of indigenous cultures. Yet today while the descendants of the colonialists are increasingly turning away from religion, many indigeneous peoples, such as the Maori in New Zealand, remain devoutly attached to the creed of their former oppressors. Why is that?

The man whose picture you use as your avatar was a Methodist all his life. What good did Christianity ever bring to Africa?

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Well the christian churches

Well the christian churches here does give allot of charity to the poor. Let me give you an example of some good deeds they do.
Every month the people get all pay from the government However a large number of these people spend it all on alcohol.
So much so that they don't have any left for food and then they go to the church where they are then fed.

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Socialists / secularists have

Socialists / secularists have created political institutions which take care of poor people automatically without having to wait for rich priests to give them handouts.

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Very true chimp3, and they do

Very true chimp3, and they do not hold their sandwich hostage until they listen to a sermon.

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@JacobCorneluis "go to the

@JacobCorneluis "go to the church where they are then fed"

I wonder who's feeding off who?

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