Association of US Catholic Priests fed up with Clericalism - book

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Association of US Catholic Priests fed up with Clericalism - book

The weekend before last, I went to a Voice of the Faithful Seminar, which is an organization trying to root out corruption in the Catholic Church.

This is one of the handouts dealing with the issues of clericalism - i.e. the belief of the clergy that they are god. It starts with some of the horror stories of some of the evil coworkers and new evil young seminarians they have to deal with. The arrogant little snot who refused Communion to his own mother is one of them.

It should be required reading for all Catholics.

It isn't just you Atheists who are fed up with the behavior within the Catholic Church.

This spring, I went to a seminar where I met a young seminarian who was debating if he was joining a holy organization or an evil one.



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If they're fed up with

If they're fed up with corruption in the Catholic Church they should just get out of that criminal organization and get decent jobs.

They make as much sense as the Association of Nazis Against Racism or the Association of Mafiosi against Extortion.

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Most of them CAN'T get out.

Most of them CAN'T get out. It is the only job they have training for since junior high. They would have no savings. All their family and friends would black list them.

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@ And if they can't get out -

@ And if they can't get out -
They need to begin outing others for child molestation. Reporting them and sending them to prison. They need to have a NO TOLERANCE policy.

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Cognostic: They need to have

Cognostic: They need to have a NO TOLERANCE policy.

Dead right. And that policy needs to override their precious confessional seal. They should have a phone in the confessional box so they can call the cops if some nonce in a black dress says "Father forgive me for I've been raping children".

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I was just listening to the

I was just listening to the representatives of the Catholic Church testify before the PA Senate Judiciary Committee on why eliminating the statute of Limitation on pedophilia is a bad idea and why they shouldn't be sued because they do charity work.

The same justification Lovey Howell used in the Gilligan's Island episode.

I'm trying to find time to write a rebuttal to them.

I can post the link if anyone wants to watch about 6 hours of the theater of the absurd. I don't know how the legislators stand it.

One of the lawyers was from 'Pizza Dude' down in Ave Maria, Florida. The archdiocese of Philadelphia was well represented, probably on the dime of the parishioners.

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