We are finding many other atheists are out there.

Social Media Impact on Religion

We’ve been outcasts and pariahs for far too long, and many of us are finding a new family by interacting with others of similar mindset. We’re finding a reason to smile again because we see just how many others just like us there are out there in this big world. But unlike our religious counterparts, we truly welcome everyone just as long as You’re willing to think for yourself.

- Casper Rigsby

Quote Source: The Apo-State

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I wish I could say this was

I wish I could say this was true but not all of us are welcoming of others. I am and many other atheist are. So I guess as whole the atheist community is welcoming of all who are willing to think for themselves unlike religion as Casper Rigsby says. But you must keep in mind your either an atheist or your not and really nobody needs to welcome you to the club because there is not really a club, there may be places where some of us gather but nobody can say your not an atheist if you are, nobody has that power.

It really can be surprising exactly how many people are atheist out there if your willing or free to be open about who you are safely. I recommend if your living in the States or any other place that it is safe to represent your atheism to look for groups of atheist or start one yourself, you may be surprised how many atheist surround you. Alternatively, you can use the internet and forums like they have here on the Atheist republic to meet people or discuss topics with other fellow atheist.

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