If Muslims wish to coexist with others, then they need to chill out.

Muslim Image Needs Big Makeover

A commonly used phrase of Muslims on the Internet is, “There will always be Muslims.” While that may be true, a truer statement is that there will always be non-Muslims as well as Muslims, and if we are to coexist, then You need to chill out and get with the modern world.

- James Lawrence (The Muslim Image Needs a BIG Makeover)

Quote Source: The Muslim Image Needs a BIG Makeover

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I can agree the Muslim image

I can agree the Muslim image does need a big makeover, I do think muslim faith is here to stay for a long time coming but I think even most Muslims can agree that it needs a big makeover. Unfortunately, the actions of the few fall on the eyes and ears of the many.

Things like what can be witnessed in the picture above sear their image in the minds of the world. This does not mean the majority of Muslims feel this way but surely if they want the world to view them differently they should stand up to those who do and publicly shame them. As Jame Lawrence says they need to get with the modern world if they don't their is bound to be continual bloodshed and hatred goes both ways.

Where I live there are many Muslims and the majority of them seem like nice people, some are a little to religious for my taste but we can and do coexist. Unfortunately the Muslims who live peacefully and many of witch you would never know were Muslim if they did not tell you have to put up with hearing lots of stereotypes thrown their way on a regular basis. in what I will call the weaker ones this has got to wear on them and eventually lead to them flipping out. It's no wonder some of them hate non Muslims so much. I keep it simple and just say the world would have way less wars if there were way less religion.

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