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I received a note from Atheist Republic that a supposed astrophysicist has posted her belief in the bible. The tweet went:

Sarah Salviander, an astrophysicist, took to Twitter why she converted from atheism to Christianity. This was her tweet:

I was raised atheist, but became Christian because:

– Genesis is consistent with science
– The legal-historical case for Jesus is strong
– Christianity is the source of things I cherish
– Christianity is the best explanation for evil
– Christianity gives me meaning and hope.

Has she lost her friggin' mind? I can grant her number 3 and 5. But the rest? Wow. Where did she get her degree - Moody Bible College?

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People love to believe in

People love to believe in illogical things.

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Article from Nov 2015

Article from Nov 2015 examining the Sarah Salviander conversion story.


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@ Watchman

@ Watchman

Thanks for that...nice article. I shall refer to it!

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And what are her reasons for

And what are her reasons for converting ---- Well they are as solid as any Christian's reason for converting of course.

1. Sarah’s studies in cosmology led her to be “astounded […], blown away, completely and utterly awed” by the order of the universe. (Ewwww "AWED..)

2. Reading a novel, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (which Sarah describes as being about “forgiveness and God’s role in giving justice”), led Sarah to “realize that the concept of God and religion was not as philosophically trivial as [she] had thought”.
“All of this culminated one day, as I was walking across that beautiful La Jolla campus. I stopped in my tracks when it hit me—I believed in God!” (??? SO SHE HAD A BRAIN FART AND BEGAN MAKING CONNECTIONS WERE NONE EXIST.)

3. Although she was apparently a generic theist for some time (albeit, one who believed in a loving, perfectly just God, who caused people to suffer for the bad things they’d done, but ultimately used pain and suffering to build character), Sarah met and eventually married a Christian man. (SO SHE WAS EXPOSED TO THE WOO WOO 24/7) “Somehow, even though I wasn’t religious myself, I was comforted to be marrying a Christian man.”

4. During a lonely year, (CATCH THEM WHEN THEY ARE VULNERABLE) while she was in a different state to her husband and all her family, Sarah read a book, The Science of God by Gerald Schroeder. “I was intrigued by the title, but something else compelled me to read it. Maybe it was the loneliness, and I was longing for a deeper connection with God.”
Sarah was very impressed by Schroeder’s book: it “proved to me that Genesis 1 was scientifically sound, and not just a “silly myth” as atheists believed. I realized that, remarkably, the Bible and science agree completely.” (GENESIS 1: THE SAME CHAPTER THAT GETS THE ORDER OF CREATION WRONG, IS SCIENTIFICALLY SOUND? SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE!)

5. But Sarah didn’t stop there. “If Genesis is literally true, (WHICH IT ISN'T) then why not the Gospels, too?” (AND THEY AREN'T. THEY AREN'T EVEN TRUE WITH REGARDS TO EACH OTHER.) “I read the Gospels, and found the person of Jesus Christ to be extremely compelling […] And yet I struggled, because I did not feel one hundred percent convinced of the Gospels in my heart. I knew of the historical evidence for their truth. (WHAT HISTORICAL EVIDENCE? ) And, of course, I knew the Bible was reliable because of Genesis. (PALM TO HEAD!) Intellectually, I knew the Bible to be true, and as a person of intellect, I had to accept it as truth, even if I didn’t feel it. […] (HOLY SHIT! ANOTHER PALM TO HEAD.) So, I converted. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior.” (IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE STUPID, I SUPPOSE ONE REASON IS EVERY BIT AS GOOD AS ANOTHER. INTELLIGENT MY ASS.)

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My apologies to the good

My apologies to the good citizens of the USA. My nation Canada has given you Justin Bieber and Sarah Salviander.

We have sent you four liters of maple syrup and six dozen beaver tails in compensation for the damage. The poutine was stopped at the border. Sorry.

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