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Why do atheists need support? And from who?

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Humans need support from

Humans need support from other humans.

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Yeah - you & barbara

Yeah - you & barbara streisand! lol People who need people etc.

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@Sham: "Why do atheists need

@Sham: "Why do atheists need support?

Fallen arches. Large balls. Heavy breasts. Everyone has their cross to bear.

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LOL. Nice one. I'm a fan,

LOL. Nice one. I'm a fan, Algebe.

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And you ask that, because...

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I'm curious about human

I'm curious about human behaviour.

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Humans are social creature,

Humans are social creature, we need each other.

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I could use some financial

Sham, great question. Are you an athletic supporter?

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Is that some kind of jock?

Is that some kind of jock?

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You asked what support I

You asked what support I required? I require athletic support

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I don't need support because

I don't need support because I am an atheist. I like being around people that are intelligent enough to understand that there is no god and why.
But let's look at the alternative. Most atheists are isolated. We are subjected to religion in every aspect of our lives. there is virtually no relief from this onslaught. Laws, products, businesses, almost everything has a religious element to it.
So atheists naturally gravitate to an environment of sanctuary, relief from that onslaught.

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Strength in unity!

Strength in unity!

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Cooperative ants/salmons

Cooperative ants/salmons/zebras/human beings are more likely to survive... That's why we -human beings- need support, because we're not that different from any other animal.

And from who do we need support? Just like any other human being: family and friends, just like theists, except all of our acquaintances are flesh and blood people.

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Come on now people, let's get

Come on now people, let's get together.

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Some Atheist seek support by

Some Atheist seek support by joining Atheist groups. Sometimes humans don't seek out other humans because they want to be alone.

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I do not feel I need support

I do not feel I need support from anyone to be an atheist. I could travel to a very theist area that did not have internet, and lose contact with friends/family that I can comfortably talk to about atheism and I would not feel I lost needed support from atheist, even if it was for years. I know what I am, I do not need support from others to know what I am or to be okay with what I am.

(I would certainly miss the internet and friends/family though!)

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