Atheism is a belief. It's belief in non-existence of god.

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Atheism is a belief. It's belief in non-existence of god.

Don't say it aint. It's belief in non-existence of god.



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Nope. I am without belief.

Nope. I am without belief. That is NOT the same thing as a belief something doesn't exist.

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"Don't say it aint."

@ towerpiller

"Don't say it aint."

Are we not allowed to oppose your claim?

You seem to have completely missed that there is a very recent topic: Atheism: A precise definition.

This is exactly what I was talking about. People define words in different ways. But you 'towerpiller' is not allowed to define millions of people according to your wishes. Sorry.

I lack a belief in any and all gods, because there is no evidence to support such a belief. Therefore, I call myself an atheist.

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@ towerpiller

@ towerpiller

However, there are atheists who while they lack a faith in a god, also believe that there is no god. Some even claim to know that there is no god. But that is just as hard to defend as defending the belief that there is a god.

But to even begin discussing if one believes or does not believe in a god, we must first define this god. I leave that task to the believer.

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You've put the 'non' in the


You've put the 'non' in the wrong place.

It's not - "belief in non-existence of god."

It's - "non-belief in the existence of god."

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Atheism is not a belief, as a

Atheism is not a belief, as a belief is something one posses, like a ball, if you are holding a ball, and I am not holding a ball, you cannot say that, in a way, NOT holding a ball is the same as holding a ball. You either have it or you don't.

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The OP is completely and

The OP is completely and utterly incorrect. It seems like he is baiting for a fight. First, he makes an unsolicited claim, then he demands that everyone obeys HIS misrepresentation of atheism.
Atheism is a label. A label put on us by those that believe in a god. We are normal people that have a normal perspective. We don't believe the theists who claim there is a god. We want proof, of which, they will not because they cannot provide said proof.

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He is obviously here to

He is obviously here to "promote" his Facebook group.

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Atheism is knowing that god

Atheism is knowing that god does not exist because there is no evidence to prove an existing of A god, and the evidence to my claim is that there is no evidence for a god existence, so god does not exist until someone proves the opposite and you are not a believer because you don't believe in anything. you don't pray to someone; you don't follow a thing or a book AND YOU DO NOT have something you can't do because of being an atheist.


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"Atheism is knowing that god

"Atheism is knowing that god does not exist because there is no evidence to prove an existing of A god"

I disagree with this part only. You cannot know that a god does not exist. You can examine specific gods, and based on the claims made in their respective 'holy' texts come to the conclusion that one or multiple do not/cannot exist. But that does not cover a god in itself. For example, it could be that there exists a god of Deism, which by definition established the collective laws that govern the universe, but does not perfrom miracles, provide revelation, or interact with the natural realm in anyway. Thereby making any attempt at refuting its existence close to impossible.

Atheism is not a position of knowledge, like agnosticism, it is the agnostic who claims we cannot know if a god exists one way or they other. It is the atheist who does not hold any belief in the existence of a theistic god. But belief/non-belief is not the same as knowledge.

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Since a deistic god leaves no

Since a deistic god leaves no tracks, no factual argument could be made against it. However, we can apply Occam's razor to render such a god superfluous. Deism (which once made sense in the light of animal/plant "design") is today an extra layer of unnecessary fat.

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@ towerpillar - calling

@ towerpillar - calling atheists a believer in the non existent god is the same as calling the theist a believer in the non existent unicorn (oh wait you do believe in unicorns, and fairys and other such nonsense.)

You have an unsubstantiated claim and we don't believe you. THATS ALL. Prove your claim and we will bite but until then it would be more prudent for you to analyse the workings of your claim rather than waste time defining us.

Like I said. If you could prove your theory to be true we will all gladly jump ship and follow you or your god or whatever. But until then we don't believe you.

So defining us as believers in disbelief or disbelievers in belief is just engaging in useless wordplay. All you need to end our ungodly ways is to prove the existence of your god and we will follow.

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"... it would be more prudent

"... it would be more prudent for you to analyse the workings of your claim rather than waste time defining us."

Touché Charvak! Touché!

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Yes. I believe god was

Yes. I believe god was created by man and I believe that religions are cons. I base this belief on my own understanding of logic and reasoning and my own experiences, not on a book that tells me what I should believe.

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I sense fish bait......

I sense fish bait......

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The word "atheist" has

The word "atheist" has several meanings depending on whom you are talking to. For me, an atheist is someone who consciously rejects the notion of God (in its many supernatural varieties). That rejection might be due to a lack of evidence (as in no good reasons to take it seriously) or due to various arguments that purport to undermine the credibility of the idea or even disprove it. I reject the notion of God on both counts.

With respect to the first reason, saying that the atheist "believes in the nonexistence of god" is like saying that John "believes in the nonexistence of the Easter Bunny". It's as though John is denying the existence of the Easter Bunny when, in fact, he never viewed the Easter Bunny as a serious idea. Such an atheist rejects the claim as nonsensical, either because it is absurd or lacks any evidence whatsoever, not as something meriting an overt denial. Moreover, "belief in" is the wrong phrase. Rational minds might reject the god hypothesis. "Belief" does not adequately capture the idea that a conclusion has been reached based on evidence.

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Without theism, there wouldn

Without theism, there wouldn't be a-theism. So, going with that, when I was an atheist and asked about why I was, most of the time, I'd answer that it was just an indifference to the existence of a god. And it was a reaction to theism, actually. There seems to be a lot of debates going on, whereby theists want to bring this into focus ''atheism is a religion unto itself,'' and I'm not sure what that does for theists, but...okay. lol

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Saying atheism is a belief is

Saying atheism is a belief is like saying "off" is a TV channel.

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