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Hello My name is Edward I need advice about coming out to my parents for being an Athiest

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Would be right in assuming

Would we be right in assuming that they are quite hardline with their specific religion of choice?

What are your concerns?

Try to pro/con the situation.

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Edward, get a book by Greta

Edward, get a book by Greta Christina called, "Coming Out Atheist." It should help.

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Coming out to your parents could be a bad choice if you live with them. Are your parents religious? Do you live on your own?

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Very hard for many of us to

Very hard for many of us to answer this request.
1) Giving advice is risky. One could cause more harm than what the receiver would probably get.
2) We don't know your parents, you, the nuances of your situation. Hell, we don't even know how old you are. It might even be illegal to give you advice.

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I would wait until you were

I would wait until you were 18 if at all possible. Don't know your age however.

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Currently im 15

Currently im 15

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Then please don't ask for

Then please don't ask for advice here. I am not saying this to be cruel but as a minor only your legal guardian can be responsible for you. If one of us gave you advice and you acted upon it without the permission of you guardians and something happened, we could be held liable.
Good luck.

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Kinda depends on what

Kinda depends on what religion they adhere to. Will your parents go crazy? Is it part of their religion to disown people? Or, are they open to discussion. Is there a minister that the family knows/trusts that you can use as a bridge between you and them? I have children and if they told me this, I would not disown them, but I don't know your parents. I would welcome the discussion and want to understand what it is that they are walking away from or walking towards. We all must take our own journey, that may lead away from religion forever ,or it might lead you right back to it, but through your own choice. You have to own your beliefs, but don't lose your parents in the process.


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