Atheism versus Anti-Theism

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Atheism versus Anti-Theism

This site has become a misnomer insomuch as it should also make a claim on anti-theism. And, of late, perhaps an additional claim on political partisanship.

And, so it degrades as an atheist retreat, as the front office fails to grow a set to preserve it as such, preferring to lose the meaning of the banner it flies for ulterior motives hidden in silence.

Expected, people cannot be tasked with the virtues of a set of rules too long, even if they've established them by and for themselves, before they coalesce and slip into the very throng of a talking head mentality they so vehemently pride themselves for not being. Same game, different tack, but expected.

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Perhaps you should read the

Perhaps you should read the top of the debate page, sub forum description.

We can all have our own interpretation of what it means. But to me, it reads as: atheism is a big subject that touches upon many other subjects if you want interaction on this subject, go for it.

If we want to define atheism and all discussion to simply:
"an atheist is someone who is not a theist."
Then their really is not much to talk about. There is no debate, that is a statement not a question, not open to interpretation and the human thought process.

I know I would discuss these sort of topics at other places, (which I already do,) if all we could do here is say: an atheist is just not a theist. I feel conversation would die here if that is all the rules stated we could discuss here.

I do understand the need to not allow these boards turn into a 4chan like mess. But we are still a long, long way away from that.

I would love it if atheist were not dragged into other politics, but theist certainly are. And to simply ignore it because you do not like that fact, seems to me to be near the same ignorance theist have towards their own religion.

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Thanks for the education. In your article it says many atheists are also anti-theists. You seem so far away from anti-theist I think your forgetting there are many types of atheists. I have never heard the term anti-theist before a few months ago, but if it means fighting back against the cruelties of religion then I am both atheist and anti-atheist.
Every thing you stated so right on in my point of view.

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An idea!

An idea!
What if you start a thread looking for other puritan atheists (No Anti-Theist), so you can have some backup and possibly enjoy your atheist retreat again. I know there are a lot of people that view life as you do. Thats fine, but if you don't want to fight for human rights stop trying to disarm the warriors that do. Including Me.

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" the front office fails to grow a set to preserve it as such..."

Grow a set of what?

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Maybe Boobies?

Maybe Boobies?
Im not sure since your a woman.
Maybes he's fighting for the transgenders?

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Again Pitar, you want to

Again Pitar, you want to dictate to everyone to fit what you want. You think you have the authority to lecture. You denigrate anything that doesn't fit YOUR ideal.
Sorry pal, that isn't how it works. Maybe YOU should grow a set and put on your big boy pants and quit whining.

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Apart from the fact that we

Apart from the fact that we're all highly intelligent and extremely attractive people, atheists have nothing in common other than a dislike and rejection of theism. So is it any wonder that when two or more atheists gather they tend to talk critically about theism?

You might say that once we've stopped believing in god we longer have any reason to talk about it and its minions. I wish that were true. I'm a whiskey drinker. I never touch gin. I don't force gin drinkers to drink whiskey, and they don't inflict their preference on me, so I never really think about them. But the atheist-theist divide isn't like that. I don't want theism in my life, but still it comes creeping, seeping into my air, craving my attention, demanding subsidies from taxes that I pay, demanding my obedience and respect.

So here and elsewhere, I take every opportunity to belittle and ridicule religion. It's called self-defense. Religion does too much harm to our world. I want it gone like air pollution and war and terrorism.

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I have a great idea, Pitar.

I have a great idea, Pitar. Start your own website so you can dictate the content and its participants. You can have complete totalitarian control. Problem solved!

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I am not an anti theist. I

I am not an anti theist. I don't care whether people believe in gods. I care that they act in ways that affect negatively my life and more broadly fairness and equity... like voting against pro-LGBT legislation

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I am not an anti theist. I

I am not an anti theist. I don't care whether people believe in gods. I care that they act in ways that affect negatively my life... like voting against pro-LGBT legislation

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I think there is a fine line

I think there is a fine line between Atheist and Anti-Theist. I have a lack of believe in any gods, but I will not stand for religion treading on me. I will challenge it when need arises. I don't consider myself to be an Anti-Theist. I do believe religion is harmful and needs to be done away with for good of humanity.

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