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Atheist Church

I've been hearing that they are atheist churches.What do you all think about them? I think that an atheist shouldn't adapt religious things into their life. What is the point of being an atheist and going to church like a theist? Who knows, maybe they will be an atheist god.

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This is crazy, then who would

This is crazy, then who would be the atheist god? Atheism is suppose to be freedom from all types of religious acts.

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Atheism is not Anti-Religion.

Atheism is not Anti-Religion.

It is just the lack of belief in a theistic god.

Anti-Theism is against a theistic theology including some of it's acts.

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I agree but it just doesn't

I agree but it just doesn't make much sense to me. An atheist church is almost like making a religion for atheist. I'm not trying to say its a bad idea but it just doesn't make sense.

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I think that the term church

I think that the term church is being used more as irony, rather then an actually physical church where you go and prey.

It seems that the people that come up with this idea are 2 comedians so it has to be expected.

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It seems to be an attempt to

It seems to be an attempt to organize, and create a community, much like there is in religion. I am not convinced that it is a good thing, because that system is part of the problem.

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The concept doesn't bother me

The concept doesn't bother me at all. I would like to start one if I had the time... Calling it a "church" is the only thing that could be confusing for some...

I think that the concept is certainly to create a sense of community. It can be a place to find like-minded peers, who want to socialize, and perhaps even help each other and discuss morality, their world views, or just have a good time.

I have been an atheist for YEARS, but I worked as a sound/lighting tech for a large evangelical church. I really enjoyed all of the community that they promoted, and quite frankly, the music was MOVING. All the while, I was an atheist- but I knew what to do in order to be a part of a team to help put people in an environment where they can "feel" the holy spirit within them... if they believed. Clearly, it was a church, full of believers... all but one.
The point is- I did my job, and I'm good at my job. They were good people, and I enjoyed their company, and they were just trying to spread their positive world view... When it's positive... I don't have a problem with Christians.

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I think there is no need to

I think there is no need to create a community as long as atheist knows what are their stands. If it is to strengthen the power of emerging atheism maybe what we should focus on is how to lessen the power of religious misinformation by continue expressing our opinions in a free way.

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