Dusty Smith: When you die you become closer to god

How do you cope with Death

When you die you actually do become closer to god. Because you won’t exist!

- Dusty Smith

Quote Source: YouTube Clip

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This is what made me sign up

This is what made me sign up to atheist republic

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That gave me a good laugh, I

That gave me a good laugh, I hope he is wrong though. When I die I think I will be recycled into the universe but God as defined commonly by religions however I can say with a certain degree of certainty was not here, never has been and never will be unless you consider your rendition of God to be the universe itself. In such a case you would become as much a part of your god as you are now just in a different form.

I don't know what comes next and will not make a habit of pretending I do. perhaps we cease to exist perhaps we just get recycled back in to the earth and universe perhaps there is some other adventure we get whisked away to who knows who really cares. What ever comes next, it is unlikely we have any power to change where we are going in our lifetimes especially since we have no idea what comes next anyways.

I say lets just try to make a better world for our kids what bad can come of that. I think that's something most theist and atheist can agree on. If we do end up recycled back into the earth, I think it would be nice to become part of something better than we have now.

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