Atheist Day! I'm sure you are all invited...

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Atheist Day! I'm sure you are all invited...

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Fuck... YOU again?... *face

Fuck... YOU again?... *face palm*... *groan*...

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Permanent IP ban and report

Permanent IP ban and report him to the VPN he uses...spamming is a crime in most jurisdictions nowadays...and this is fucking spam.

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Thanks for the post. I

Thanks for the post. I bought 10 wrist bands to support the movement. No publicity is bad publicity. I didn't even know there was an atheist day until your wonderful post. Thanks for helping the movement. I absolutely loved the videos as well. It's great to see the response of the ignorant around the world. Frankly speaking... Two thumbs up from me. Good Job!

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Thank you, I'm looking

Thank you, I'm looking forward to Atheist Day :)

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Nyar!!!! rmfr



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