Atheist Day! March 23, 2019

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Atheist Day! March 23, 2019

Atheist Day!

Must be one of you little fkers…

Parallels and binaries for atheist day:

Do you see how your rotten deluded ideology has real life consequences?,51007.0.html

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I have been an atheist for

I have been an atheist for over 45 years. Everyday is Atheist Day for me.

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sockpuppet locked

sockpuppet locked

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1. Mar 22, 2019 9:21 AM ET

1. Mar 22, 2019 9:21 AM ET Priest Attacked: Unfortunate; Priest was luckily not injured, the knife broke during the attack and there is no motive. Obviously it was an Atheist and not a child the priest, who is not 77, once molested. If it sounds idiotic for me to say such a thing..... It is equally idiotic for the OP to assert ....
"Must be one of you little fkers…" Um..... While I am at it..... Atheist day was March 23. The attack on the priest was March 22. How exactly are the two related?

16 March 2019 - Christchurch shootings, obviously have something to do with atheist day..

TROLL - This guy is not only a troll but attempting to start his own conspiracy theory. The evil atheists are out to get the Christians.... Doesn't everyone already know that? All in All, One more post of religious bigotry by our good friends THE CHRISTIANS.

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"Do you see how your rotten deluded ideology has real life consequences?"

I partially agree, the murderer's ideology is rotten to the core, but he was a Christian theist. Right wing white supremacists nearly always are.

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