Atheist of reddit and me

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Atheist of reddit and me

I went to the atheists forum to ask them something. In return they asked me questions I could answer. It did not take long until they only had the option of denouncing logic or accepting GOD. This was well done of me, and I'm glad I shared it with my friend before someone removed it all and called it spam.

These clowns have been fooled to practice the religion of believing in Nothing to Belive; they won't see it because religion does not exist to them. You'd think these examples of peaking stupidity wouldn't dare mock those that claim SUPREME PERFECTION, but the joke of atheism is by now a laughter, laughing at it's own sound.

(i post it here to provoke you, because i got provoced by them, and this is my revenge. it's only play and fun)

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what was your question?

what was your question?

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Have at it then drift away!

Have at it then drift away!

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I had a question that no

I had a question that no atheist could answer...
what is the question?
It is really awesome...
ok well what is the question???
it is so profound that no atheist could possibly answer...
give me the question!!!!!!!
Ok if...

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These clowns have been fooled

These clowns have been fooled to practice the religion of believing in Nothing to Belive; they won't see it because religion does not exist to them

To be called a clown is no offense to me, on the contrary, and I guess you're trying to be harmful, so you should choose your insults with better judgement next time.

Oh, yes, religion is very real to us, it's in the air. Churches have tax exemptions, word on education (and wealth from it), lots or radio and tv stations all over the globe and other prebends... Roman Catholic elite even possesses their own country.

Atheism is precisely the lack of belief. No-one fooled me into believing anything... On the contrary, it took me a real good effort to get myself rid of the bs installed during my indoctrination as a believer. So for you, smarty pants, saying God is not real and creeds are not real, it's the same as claiming churches or religions are not real...

I'm dying to read your amazing and profound question that will give us the hardest time of our lives... And we atheists don't believe in resurrection.


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