Is Atheist Republic the same as American Atheist?

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Is Atheist Republic the same as American Atheist?

I heard a conspiracy about the American Atheist organization was led by a zionist jew.
Should we stand up to the Jews as well; similar to the christians?

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OK, who left the dangerous

OK, who left the dangerous chemicals unlocked?

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Hahahahahahah,hahahahah,hahahahha! Still laughing really! Good one Spewer.

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I'm not sure about that

I'm not sure about that conspiracy but as far as their mission is concerned I can say that they are both atheist groups, non-profit and aim to protect atheists' rights against religious discrimination and criticism.

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I really don't know about

I really don't know about that Zionist Jew... but I'm pretty sure that this board has nothing to do with any of that.

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