Atheist stereotypes

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Atheist stereotypes

Anytime one brings up stereotypes, it can become a slippery slope. I get that. People never seem to understand "averages".... Or the fact that their are always exceptions to the rule.

That said, just because their is plenty of evidence to support the fact that atheists tend to have a higher IQ than theists, this doesn't mean that you do ;-) lol

But okay now, what about the % of atheists vs theists regarding;

Drug and alcohol addiction ?

Not cheating on ones spouse ?

Felony convictions ?

Millionaires ?

Philanthropists ?

Artists ?

Feel free to add to this list.... But even more importantly, show me some studies that have come up with the percentages for these things.

Thank you ☺️

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Being nihilists.
Being coldly unemotional about the "beauty of nature" etc.
Being pro-abortion.

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Thank you Sapporo, for adding

Thank you Sapporo, for adding to the list.

So now we just need someone to show us some numbers...

Oh btw, I am a nature and wildlife freak. And I am a landscape photographer.

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i bet you got a very very

i bet you got a very very good lenses.. nice!

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Atheists are highly

Atheists are highly intelligent, extremely good-looking, popular, articulate, and successful. They live in great houses and drive beautiful cars. They tend to rise the top in any field of endeavor by sheer ability and force of character.

If you're going to be stereotyped, why not do it yourself?

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I really need to get into the

I really need to get into the atheist fast track promotion scheme.

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Having no purpose in life.

Having no purpose in life.
Having no morals
Tools of Satan

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Ok, so we are getting more

Ok, so we are getting more for our list of stereotypes... But where are the studies ? I'm a numbers / analytical kind of guy

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oh you mean john 6IX? the

oh you mean john 6IX? the bubble guy? or AB?

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doesn't understand the

doesn't understand the scriptures

no spirit/soul

going to hell and be torture forever and ever amen

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The only thing that every atheist has in common with another atheist is the lack of belief in a god. Beyond that atheists are as varied as any other demographic.

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I disagree. I believe studies

I disagree. I believe studies which show that the average atheist is more analytical, more logical, more of a self thinker, and yes, more intelligent. Just averages of course. Their are always exceptions.

I think other aspects of comparison might not be so clear cut, but I believe their are still differences.

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Ah Fishy1, you are embarking

Ah Fishy1, you are embarking on a slippery slope. To not understand that trends are not accurate enough to quantify a whole demographic based on one single common element as stereotypical.

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How about gender? According

How about gender? According to the latest Australian census data, there about 4.6 million people with "No Religion". That divides into 2.7 million males and 2.2 million females (58%-42%). Does this mean that males are significantly more likely to identify as having no religion. Unfortunately the data don't subdivide "No Religion", which could include a certain number of non-atheists.

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