As an atheist, whom you are against?

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As an atheist, whom you are against?

As an atheist, whom you are against?
1) Gods?
2) Religion?
3) Theists?
4) Superstition?

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I'm against religion when it

I'm against religion when it become fanaticism,Any kind of religion taken to extremism become intolerance, and I hate it...

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I'm religious but I agree. It

I'm religious but I agree. It's pretty stupid to force your beliefs on someone.

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I'm against violation of

I'm against violation of freedoms and harms to the human species. I am not an atheist so to speak but a Humanist. An atheist is a definition of someone who does not believe in God, as a theist is someone who believes in God. I do not define myself as an atheist but a Humanist, just as many theists do not call themselves theists but Christians or Jews, etc. I am directly opposed to any form of law based on religious values, I am directly opposed to war, to killing, to violence, to ignorance, to money and to power. I am against anything that tries to harm our species, for my species and my planet are all that I can call home.

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As an atheist I am against no

As an atheist I am against no one, as a Humanist I am against religions, and somewhat less against Superstition in general.

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I agree with what Zarathustra

I agree with what Zarathustra said. I'm against all the bad people who harms others whether they are theist or atheists. The most important here is we do not harm others as well as out planet and other species living on it. We can have different opinions but we must be able to respect others' opinion and view because love is more important than any belief that humans have.

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Personally, I don't think I'm

Personally, I don't think I'm really anti anything... and I don't think atheists have to be anti anything as a whole. We just don't believe in God. Why do people always assume it's more complicated than that?

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To be 'against' God would be

To be 'against' God would be to first assume he exists. I have no qualms with an imaginary friend. I'm against the Bible, but as Damanar said, not because I'm an atheist - because I'm a Humanist and I recognize that many of it's so-called morals and messages are detrimental to humankind. Similarly, I'm against superstition and religion (essentially just organized superstition anyway) because they encourage a way of thinking, maybe more fittingly non-thinking, that stunts scientific progress by discouraging the application of a skeptical, scientific, questioning viewpoint, especially that of children.

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Exactly. Atheists are not

Exactly. Atheists are not Satanists.

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i live and let live...but

i live and let live...but when religion creeps it's way into the life of others, influencing politics, the way research is being made or just creates a intolerance towards things and people that they just don't understand...i'm a militant...i don't hate religious people just like a i don't hate mental pacientes...but i would oppose any of those 2 categories telling me how to live my life...

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As an a'theist instead of an

As an a'theist instead of an atheist, I am against everything about religion, specifically the false supernaturality and pseudo-gods claimed by all the world recognized faiths, especially the Abrahamic religions

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I am against the bible. As

I am against the bible. As Richard Dawkins put it "the god of the old testament is jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sado- masochistic, capriciously malevolent bully." That about sums it up

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Atheist or agnostic it doesnt

Atheist or agnostic it doesnt matter. All people who break free from the shackles of religion should be against all religious doctrines that are forced upon individuals. If a religious person offers you to share their particular beliefs with you, that is fine, but if they want to force you to believe in their reasoning, they should be put in their place immediately.

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What bothers me is how fake

What bothers me is how fake so many religious people can be. They push their opinion on you and judge you is yours if different. I don't see why everyone can't just have their own beliefs and be left alone for it.

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I am personally against

I am personally against structured religion per say. Any time a group of like-minded people get together, they try to conform others to their way and change the rules to fit their needs.

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As an atheist i am not really

As an atheist I am not really against any of these things but rather I do not believe in deities. I personally am however against the abuse of all these things you have listed here and see evidence of it everywhere. To me it is more about respect for other fellow humans and life than anything else. I am tolerant of the views of others as they deserve to have them as much as I can say I deserve to have the rights to my own views. I don not personally believe in any particular God or gods per say and I disagree with religions based on beliefs of such figures but I can see plenty of reason why someone would hold or have such views and I am respectful of people who choose to do so as long as these people are respectful of the views of others and do not try to unwelcome impose their own views onto others or force people who do not share their views to follow rules set up because of their own religious views. I can be just as opposed to the actions of another extreme atheist as I can be to the actions of an extreme christian for example. I also do not believe religion and government should ever be allowed to mix unfortunately a great deal of religious people disagree with me on that one!

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I can say that among the four

I can say that among the four, superstition does make sense at all. It make people fools and make science worthless.

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As an atheist I am against

As an atheist I am against the proliferation or ignorance and the ignoring of facts.

On a more personal level I am against a whole lot more inequality, corruption and abuse.

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I'm just against extremism,

I'm just against extremism, be it christian extremism, muslim extremism or even atheist extremism.

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Amen, my brother!

Amen, my brother! Unfortunately extremism exist and thankfully there are all sorts of extremism to counteract the extremes that would be allowed to run rampant with out them.

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I agree extremism but at

I agree extremism but at times I am also against what I call "packaged God" where people rehash everything they learned at church when I ask them about this higher being they believe in. To be honest I have spoken with some religious folk who have been fairly creative in their responses and I can see they have a personal relationship they have developed on their own which is cool in my book. But so many people sound like they are repeating their minister and that's when I know this person has no clue at all and is a sheep.

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I am not against any of the

I am not against any of the all 4 options, everyone should be entitled to believe whatever they want unless they want to feed force it to other people or hurt other people for their lack/difference of beliefs; what i am really agianst is stupidity, selfishness and greediness.

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Of course i am against

Of course i am against Theists. They created all the religions and gods

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I think that rather than

I think that rather than define anything as anti anything else, we could have much more accurate and useful definitions by talking about what atheism supports. It makes much more sense to talk about what a thing is than spend forever naming all the things it is not.

As an agnostic I am for freedom of thought, individual actualization, rationality, and intrinsic moral intelligence.

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As an atheist I'm not against

As an atheist I'm not against anyone or their superstition, its when that superstition is tan inspiration for hate in the world that I have.

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I've found it so weird to see

I've found it so weird to see, as humans become more scientifically aware, what superstitions actually hold true. Such as, when a baby is born, most cultures dictate that you keep the cord and placenta for a year afterward. Some cultures eat it, some instead bury it at the North corner of the house, whatever.

And as it turns out, if the baby has a terminal illness, it can be saved these days easily with a transfusion of it's umbilical blood. Now, all our mothers who scoffed at their mothers telling them to keep the placenta are instead explained to by their daughters why it's necessary to secure a freezer bank to take the baby's cord when it's cut. Sometimes science teaches us what we already knew, thanks to superstition.

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Strangely worded question

Strangely worded question indeed.

Being an atheist and an agnostic (the two are not mutually exclusive) is not about being against anything per se.

Like many moderate "level headed" theists, your typical atheist is a humanist.
As a humanist I am opposed to fanatical religion an non reason-based actions taken out on society (e.g., religious laws etcetera).
As an atheist specifically, we reject the supernatural without scientific evidence, but are not inherently "against" it. We merely question it and are completely sceptical of it and related claims.

I question, and am sceptical of the supernatural (I do not accept unverified claims, and reject and/or oppose motives based upon these unverified claims).
I am not opposed to religion per se, but I do oppose religious indoctrination of youths (specifically with unfinished reasoning capacity).
I am not against gods, I do not accept the existence of gods. If gods of some sort exist I would then decide how I felt about such gods.
- On this note I find Allah/Yahweh to be relatively vial and unworthy of worship... Jesus (real or not) is pretty cool, but again not a deity
I am definitely not against theists. That is absurd. I question them. I am against ass-holes and criminals whatever their motives stem from.

I find superstition a serious waste of time, and something to not be taken seriously, but I am not "against" it. I do reject it as hogwash.

Atheism/agnosticism is about unbelief/lack of knowledge and scepticism, not about outright opposition in and of itself. Opposition is subjective, taken case by case.

I hope that makes some sense. I have only read a few posts and must admit am a few glasses of red in at this point and soon to bed ;)


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