Atheist Woman?

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Atheist Woman?

Are there any Atheist woman on this sight that can give me advice? Not a newbie like me.. Im beginning to relate to John the Christian too much and I think its because his views are more familiar to me. I just asked my husband if he's an atheist and he said I Dunno know. He said I know nothing about Atheism. GEESE I guess this is up to me to figure out for myself.

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Your husband being to

Your husband being to comfortably say that he doesn't know something is a great thing. Being able to admit that is a trait of a free thinker. No worries Jamie you know we got your back here : )

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Yes, it is indeed up to you

Yes, it is indeed up to you to figure out for yourself. :-) It should not be any other way.

Also, IMO, relating to the familiar is different than buying it hook, line, and sinker. It is possible to identify as atheist and agree with some things said by a theist. In fact, the philosophies of each can be similar with the exception of acceptance of the existence of god(s).

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Yes my husband is a free

Yes my husband is a free-thinker and I love that. But he's not a worrier or that emotional so thats why I need an old lady. Im learning so much from You men. And I thank u for that:)

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Well, I'm old and female.

Well, I'm old and female.

Edited to add: but happily, I'm no lady :-)

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Bullshit! You are too a lady.

Bullshit! You are too a lady. You may not like me and I have given you reason, but you're still a lady in every sense of the word. I am so fucking tired of upstanding people like you CyberLN self-deprecating themselves in an effort to appear common. You are unique, intelligent, and damn near infallible(fuck you for that quality).

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I appreciate your kind words,

I appreciate your kind words, myk. The word 'lady', however, carries way too many social rules of behavior for my taste. I far prefer being raw, rowdy, rude, and real.

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The word "lady" has also been

The word "lady" has also been forever tainted by all the "Our lady of" crackpot cults, except of course for "Our lady of blessed acceleration" as invoked by Elwood Blues.

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I didn't say you were genteel

I didn't say you were genteel. I said you were a lady. A definition that goes far beyond your gender.

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CyberLN, Thank you for being

CyberLN, Thank you for being my adopted granny:) Although You are closer to my moms age.. It felt like I was talking to my gramma again, without the christian mumbo jumbo.

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You are so welcome my darlin'

You are so welcome my darlin' girl!

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