Atheists Should Call Out Even Minor Church/State Separation Violations

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Atheists Should Call Out Even Minor Church/State Separation Violations

This is an interesting video on separation of church and state.

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Years ago I got involved with a group of Skeptics who routinely monitored and checked on the activities of so - called psychics/mediums and related shysters..... the group was fairly un structured but one of the leading figures was particularly the point of "taking on" apparently inconsequential people and issues....

When I asked him why he was wasting his time on such things .... he said .... it was ,in his view, essential that they knew they were being "watched". That however inconsequential the activity.. it was being observed .... recorded ...and annotated.

Similarly I've come to believe that the "religious" must be treated in the same way... let them take an inch and they'll take a yard. They must know their schemes come under scrutiny , more so in the US... witness Answers in Genisis' recent "manoeuvrings".

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