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Did he somehow affect whether

Did he somehow affect whether directly or indirectly what books would go into the Bible? - I never said this, and if had to wager I'd say that probability didn't happen (and if it did, I don't know of any record of it).

Did he have new books written to be included in scripture? - I never said this, and have been extremely clear about this on multiple occasions; and yet have been straw-manned on this exact topic multiple times.

Or did he simply ask for copies to be made? - Yes; he did more than this. He had them compiled into a single binding, then had this product mass produced and distributed (if you consider 50 mass production).

And while it is true I said Constantine compiled the bible; I should have been clear that I didn't mean he actually picked up a pen and did the copying himself. I should have said he paid people to do this. Because given the way this has gone, it is only a matter of time before you or Tim accuse me of that as well.

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Okay. Next question. When and

Okay. Next question. When and how was the canon of scripture determined? Would you agree it started way before the birth of Constantine and concluded (ended) way after his death?

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Yep. You might even argue

Yep. You might even argue that it is still going on since not all denominations yet agree on the canon.

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Oh, that's a whole other can

Oh, that's a whole other can of worms which I don't wanna open in this forum.


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