Bad person or otherwise.

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Bad person or otherwise.

From my point of view, helping another while sacrificing something of yourself is the least Sane option, while doing everything you can to keep yourself up is the saneist (is that a word? ) option. Am I a bad person for this or is their another explanation?

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In your view it may be least

In your view it may be least sane but in my view it's the most noble. To decide whether or not you are a bad person is not feasible on the internet. There are too many variables.
You seem a tad bit insecure. I would not personalize the question of an action. I would juts inquire about the action.

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As much as I hate to admit it

As much as I hate to admit it, your analysis of me being insecure are correct. I feel my own opinions do not matter much and therefore feel the need to try to find some way to order my opinions along the lines of others whom I feel have you say..... importance? I need conformation from outside sources to justify such things. If you analise the question a bit further you should be able to find my opinion about myself hiddin in my wording of the question.

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I really can't help you with

I really can't help you with that. Confidence comes with experience...usually. Then again I know 50+ year olds that are really insecure.
I would say be confident in your judgement and opinion and OWN it. Take responsibility for your words and actions. Don't worry what others say and think. No one judges you harsher than you yourself do and will do. You can't help what others say and or do. If you are yourself than you will be fine.
I think the deeper question for you is: "Who exactly am I?"

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Thank you.

Thank you.

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The concept of self sacrifice

The concept of self sacrifice is used by monarchs , nations , religions , and political ideologies to get us to die for them. I think self sacrifice as an ideology is immoral. If I were to "sacrifice " myself defending my family it would not be with the intent on dying. I would have just lost the battle for self defense. In a relationship one person may defer their own wishes for awhile so the other may get ahead. In a healthy relationship the other partner would then support the other while they caught up. Parents might defer their goals for a time so that the children can survive . Is it better for a kid to see a parent continuing to better themselves rather than sacrificing all for them ? I think so. Self esteem is the cornerstone of a healthy human society.

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Despite the claim of

Despite the claim of sacrifice, I think every single behavior has a payoff. It may not be a payoff you or I find worth it, however, the person engaging in the behavior does.

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Thank you for the perspective

Thank you for the perspective.

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