Baptist News Global with anti-Trump article.

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Baptist News Global with anti-Trump article.

Baptist News Global published an anti-Trump Article

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That's surprising. Religions

That's surprising. Religions will generally support any leader whose policies help them to maintain their power. Morality doesn't come into it. Look at the Pope and Hitler. The irony is that the top echelons of all religions are full of Donald Trumps. There's a very close correlation between religious leadership and venality, mendacity, mysogyny, sexual predation, and simple nastiness.

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Recently, I have been

Recently, I have been visiting some theist forums (not malicious) to get a better understanding. In one topic, many praised the shit that went down with Kayne West and Joel Osteen. It is amazing how many will suddenly defend and support Kayne, just because he publicly supported religion.

What I have learned is that morals and conduct really don't matter, it is only what side you are on. For many, since Trump is on the side of religion, they support him 100%, despite the basic fact he is a very corrupt and immoral person.

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