The Basketball devotional

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The Basketball devotional

I play very competitive basketball several times a week. On Wednesdays, I play at a Methodist Church. Lately, they have started to have a "devotional" midway between games(we play about 3-4 games have the devotional and then continue to play until midnight).
The latest one was a lulu!
The person leading the devotional quoted John, then Mark, then he gave a testimonial. He said that he grew up pentecostal but didn't really find GAWD until his wife was pregnant. She went into labor 4 months premature with twins. He got the call and raced in his car to the hospital where his wife was already giving birth. They called him and told him the first baby was born dead so as he puts it he started "praying". He got there in time to witness the birth of the second twin and it survived. He went on to state the power of prayer blah blah blah and so forth.
I kept my mouth shut but I had a million questions for this idiot. Instead, I just abused him in the following games. I would get the ball and as I dribbled it I'd say to him "I prayed about this shot" and then either drive by him for a lay-up or step back and shoot a 3.
After the game, he came up to me and said: "hey, you don't need to trash talk me like that." I replied how is talking about prayer trash talk?" He just left.
Now he is in his early 40s and I am 60. He is at least 6'4" and I am 5'6". Yet I'm strong and a way better player. The point is prayer didn't save his second daughter and it didn't help his game.

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For people that don't

For people that don't understand how a 60-year-old can physically compete with 19-40-year-olds, it boils down to this.
Keeping in shape
Being active
Martial Arts training since I was 4 and continuing that training to present
Experience in the given sport
Now I might have much longer at this level given my age but I will keep going as long as I can, but not even prayer will allow me to be as good for very much longer!

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