Being Pressured

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Being Pressured

So I was Jewish and a new atheist/irreligious. The rabbi wants to meet with me tommorow to probably pressure me into going to the high holidays. I feel it is hypocritical. What should I do and what arguments should I use?

Thank you

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Why don't you turn down the

Why don't you turn down the invitation? Why subject yourself to that?

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Tell him Abraham didn't go to

Tell him Abraham didn't go to synagogue and that you walk in "the shoes of Abraham". Like Tanakh says, "0ur bodies are temples", and we don't have to have communal service to honor the creator.

You may not believe because the clergy class often uses "God and fear" for mind control and money, but I always counter with this: I am a proponent for the artist who created this and for a common sense which details our shared common ancestry.
Tanakh itself refers to Jews as "a stiff necked people" and makes clear that it is for Elohim's sake and not the Jews, that he has "chosen them". People cause suffering to other people. Abraham said "An eye for an eye" when confronting wrong doing.

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Im an atheist and doesn't

Im an atheist and doesn't using the phrase "communal service to honor the creator" acknowledge the existence of god?

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your profile says athiest

your profile says athiest/irreligious. I was speaking to your irreligious side. Athiesm is throwing out the baby with the bath water, IMHO

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I see. Thank you

I see. Thank you. So an argument I can use is that the tenakh is hypocritical? Is their anything else?

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I am still curious as to why

I am still curious as to why you have to explain yourself to the Rabbi?

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I feel compelled due to the

I feel compelled due to the fact that he is very nice man. Despite everything about him from a religious point of view, He is an amazing guy and deserves to have a chat with. However, I have made up my mind and will not sit down with him if he doesn't accept that. So I am taking your idea, but just changing it slightly

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If you don't mind let us know

If you don't mind let us know how it turns out.

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Tanakh doesn't give the whole

Tanakh doesn't give the whole history so there is confusion. It really falls on Moses. The priestly class (Judaism, Catholicism especially) obscures the real history, especially Genesis, This sows seeds of discord and confusion for sentient people.

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