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Belief is behavior

you dont think anything. you arent seeing things in your head. you arent hearing the voices you think you remember. you've never remembered anything.

this is all highly complex BEHAVIOR. your brain behaving in these ways. you are not an insubstantial morphing blob of self awareness. you are just a tube worm with various specialized appendages like every other animals lifeform on this planet..

what you think is awareness, again is just the behavior of many thousands of rapid processes which your receptors are not able to perceive. your sensory input is all synthetic, made from second order neurons, not external stimuli. you memories are invented fresh each time they pass through your mind, nothing but an electro chemical stew comprised of those same synthetic neuro chemicals, simply behaving in similar ways to generate a similar experience to motivate your parasympathetic nervous system.

stop trying to prove things to others. they are just behavior as well. you are not a ghost. there is nothing inside you, your mind is a fake. you dont have any choices, and nor do any one else.

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If I don't have any choice

If I don't have any choice how can I stop?

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you cant, but neither did i

you cant, but neither did i when i told you this.

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This is word salad, a bunch

This is word salad, a bunch of gibberish.

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it's not, it's just fairly

it's not, it's just fairly difficult to grasp. i take it you do not have a background in neurology?

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If you don't have any real

If you don't have any real arguments for or against god or anything else of relevance to this forum then I have no other choice but to say: "shove off. "

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its not a matter of if God

its not a matter of if God exists or are trying to pretend all these people believe things so that you can feel better about whatever this process is of logical discussion.

you have an irrational belief in the notion of belief. and this is the secret to why there are religious people. they were never convinced of a God...they were trained into God worshiping behavior.

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sorry for the triple post..

sorry for the triple post...not sure how that happened..

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Bacaudae, are you a

Bacaudae, are you a credentialed neuroscientist?

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no, i am a manual therapist.

no, i am a manual therapist. i have somewhat specialized in neurological pathologies.

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Somewhat specialized?

Somewhat specialized?

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yes. as in that has been my

yes. as in that has been my focus of treatment, before and after i graduated from my training. I am particularly interested in these ailments, and how the brain operates to begin with.

my parent were HIV+ and when i was 13 and my father was in end stages, he suffered from what is colloquially known as "dementia", in term of HIV complications. it is a rapid non specific collapse of cognitive skills, from various opportunistic infections, and in those days damage from the drug AZT, which EVERYONE knows led to peripheral neuropathy. few also know how it eventually caused damage in the brain, along with visceral organ function, most commonly renal function and blood pressure regulation.

so i was able to smell my fathers breath become more and more saturated with amonia, and witness the correlation with his lose of memory, or false memories. False memories like his belief that my mom had turned into a 70's rock band, his belief that he always had a box on his head, and that some movie with a green bus to take souls to heaven was dispatching a green bus for him.

he believed in the bus at the end of his life, and i am suggesting that that was not so different to people who now believe in jesus christ etc

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I know what manual therapy is

I know what manual therapy is. How does that make you an expert on the nervous system? I am not knocking you, just trying to get a bead on your background

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well, since i can get paid to

well, since i can get paid to be an expert witness for anything to with neurological damage in court (perks of the job) i guess the LAW does...but i tend to eschew terms like "expertise". i am lifelong student with 25 years experience learning about, handling, treating, researching, discussing, going to conventions etc, but i did not claim to be an expect in this thread...merely asked another if they had a background in neurology.

i do feel like i may have triggered you into proving me fallible in some way. save your energy, i am in fact, human :) and my mistakes and foibles will hang from my neck and words like an albatross, sure as the next person.

i loathe posting links and resources, since any moronic polemic with fingers can just dial in what they think and some herd of barf faces will have supplied a confirming study. i am bringing ideas, not proofs. you do not have to "believe" anything i say :) i am content if you merely consider it.

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Correct me if I am wrong but

Correct me if I am wrong but is not Manual Therapist a certified title not a licensed title? I am only familiar with Manual Therapist as an assistant role not a specialty. I work as a RN in Rehab and we use PT assistants, OT assistants, and Restorative Nursing assistants but not Manual Therapists. Correct me if I am wrong. In the days, Therapist meant a Masters degree. Now it is a PhD
As I said, I am not trying to bash you but a person in this thread challenged you and you tossed out your expertise in neuroscience as a bludgeon. I have a BSN and have 26 years experience with dementia, CVA, AIDS, Huntingtons-Chorea, ALS, MD, MS, Parkinsons, MVA, MI, etc. I do not think I am an expert in Neuroscience.

Anwe Bacaudae's picture
i did not toss our my

i did not toss our my expertise in neurology as a bludgeon. i think perhaps you are somewhat spring loaded to interpret my words this way. i was accused of produce "word salad" i believe? anyone with any level of neuroanatomy training will know exactly what im talking about...

I trained as a Registered Massage Therapist with the 3000 hour program at Victoria, British Columbia campus (since i graduated, it has been reduced to a 2200 hour course) This is of course in Canada, and I am legally entitle to practice treat medically within the scope of manual therapy and massage technique.

again, your final sentences puzzles me. will you copy and paste where i said i was an expert? i reiterate my claim that i triggered you somehow and now you are just trying to prove me wrong, as you cite your inspiration being to qualify my implication of neurological expertise.

please do this first, i mean copy paste where i inducted you into this train of thought, or please, let's not. i didnt say that, nor represent that, but ill tow the line if you want to dance :)

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I enjoyed your OP! I find it

I enjoyed your OP! I find it amusing and 95% within my worldview. Relax and enjoy yourself among your peers!

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I am an expert in enjoying

I am an expert in enjoying myself among my peers!

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I often argue that everything

I often argue that everything is physical. Emotions, love, hate, etc. However, I think we are genetically wired to make choices and learn from our mistakes. Pass along our wisdom through culture. Thereby affirming and contradicting the concept of free will

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Bacaudae - you dont have any

Bacaudae - you dont have any choices, and nor do any one else.

It has been my experience: even those who claim there is no such thing as free will; still act as if there is.

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it's true! we do act or

it's true! we do act or BEHAVE as if free will existed :)

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What is the measurable

What is the measurable difference between a world where people have free will, and a world where people falsely believe they have free will?

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Obviously this just another

Obviously this just another attempt to prove a god by claiming that only a mythological creature has control of everything. There is no proof, no facts, and never is. It's just a bunch of BULLSHIT as usual!

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