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I didn't know there were

I didn't know there were different organisms by that same name. The one I'm thinking of lives in North America, bunches of them ball up in the winter to keep warm, they look like a ball with wobbly legs. Creepy fuckers. Give me the shivers.

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Our Aussie Daddy Long leg

Our Aussie Daddy Long leg spiders are pretty awesome...Daddy-long-legs spider wins David and Goliath battle with deadly ...

Yep not content with being a deadly foe of redback spiders but apparently they woman up when it comes to brown snakes...I have a few DLL under my eaves, feel free to pop over and tell them they aint spiders . I'll call the anti venom squad. (actually although extremely venemous, Daddy Long Leg spiders don't bite humans...)
And yes the Daddy Long Legs in the northern hemisphere you are used to are Crane flies, used to get them in summer in the UK.

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Ah, thanks. Very informative.

Ah, thanks. Very informative. They sound awesome. I love spiders, but I can't stand Crane flies. Probably because they're not spiders, now that I think of it.

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