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I have been discussing with hundreds of Atheists friends who were so many years lived as believing Christians but turned to be Atheists and in my discussions I find something pivotal that these friends were misunderstand what really the BIBLE or LORD JESUS CHRIST taught, here's my simple explanation that JESUS didn't asked anyone to be a BELIEVER., please read the following and address your responses.,

Christians are called believers but the LORD JESUS CHRIST didn't ask anyone to be a "believer" when I say like that people normally recalled what John 3:16 says and attempt to refute but finally end up in silent. If you look at the span of 3 & half years ministry of the LORD and He said so many times to believe when He comes to ascend to heaven He made it very clear in Acts 1:8 you must be WITNESSES which ultimately invalidates the LORD's words when come to the position of a Christian.

Therefore if any Christians wants to embark any ministry then they have to become a witnesses that's only possible by the reception of the HOLY SPIRIT into the physical body of the believer who would eventually become witness and no longer remains as believer but a witness so as to testify the LORD effectively, since Christians are calling themselves as believers that proves they did not receive the HOLY SPIRIT who's not indwells them.

If the HOLY SPIRIT indwells then they would claim themselves as temple of God, if so they can challenge power of death like the LORD did in John 2:19 but the same only be challenged by the Witnesses of the LORD mentioned in Revelation 11, therefore whatever the understanding that exist in the present Christendom were developed by believers which's false in light of the scriptures.

Therefore Judea Christianity is the only Religion built based on witness of the Truth unlike the other Religions are based on Belief which's an object to proof but no religion can prove what they belief. Therefore being former Christians had these fundamental misunderstandings that drove many peoples to become Atheists, here's the questions for Atheists,

Why did u believe such a long years as believers without become a Witness of CHRIST as per Acts 1:8?
If you believed such a long years then it's detrimental to the doctrine Christ Jesus, so is it not your mistake?
How do you confront Christianity by comparing to the rest of false Religions?

Thanks for understanding,



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Peter: Your sectarian

Peter: Your sectarian squabbles don't interest me. I really don't give a crap what this mythical Jesus meant to say.

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JESUS is a historical

JESUS is a historical personality & GOD, I'm a witness, not a believer, please understand.

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Chimp told you he wasn't

Chimp told you he wasn't interested in your sectarian squabbles (I don't think many of us would be) and what do you do? You repeat them...

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I think the biblical tale of

I think the biblical tale of the birth and death of Jesus Christ is a cruel and sadistic tale. The virgin birth is nonsense. The moral lessons attributed to him (Golden Rule) are common sense and do not require a god to be adopted by society. The moral lessons of the crucifixion are shameful and anyone that perpetuates that shit is a death cultist. Go ahead and drink his blood and eat his flesh if you choose but I prefer a nice Shiraz and a slow roasted chicken.

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Even if you're going to

Even if you're going to spend your eternity in hell, that's your wish but don't make unsupported claims on CHRIST JESUS or about His virgin birth as these were TRUE & in line to be Proven True again since you're not understand now so as the Atheists can come to know that they're false just before they enter into hell. Hope you understand this simple logic. Thank you.

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Peter - Hope you understand

Peter - Even if you're going to spend your eternity in hell, that's your wish but don't make unsupported claims on CHRIST JESUS or about His virgin birth as these were TRUE & in line to be Proven True again since you're not understand now so as the Atheists can come to know that they're false just before they enter into hell.

Peter - Hope you understand this simple logic.

Well I sure as hell didn't. Run-on sentences full of pronouns are very confusing.

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You did not convince me.

You did not convince me.

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More unsupported claims and

More unsupported claims and assertions about magic. Peter, you could not argue your way out of a paper bag.

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Peter: "Atheists can come to

Peter: "Atheists can come to know that they're false just before they enter into hell"

How spiteful. How typically Christian.

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My final reminder to you like

My final reminder to you like Atheists, why do you people believed so many years without understand the BIBLE or CHRIST that didn't ask anybody to be a BELIEVER? Therefore you people missed out a great evidence of GOD and land up in Atheism which's totally your blunder mistake.

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You are still not convincing

You are still not convincing me.

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"Thanks for understanding"

Nope. Not a single word.

But I do admire the way you theists can spin whole libraries of obscurantist bibble out of a thimblefull of bullshit.

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I have discussed about the

I have discussed about the difference between a believer and a witness by simple means, Atheists who are still entitled to answer, why did they believe in 20, 30, 40 etc., before become an Atheists while the BIBLE didn't asked to be a believer.

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"difference between a believer and a witness"

Well to me it looks like a minor semantic squabble between different factions of the same addled death cult.

I wasn't a believer in my 20s, 30s, or 40s. I shook it off in my teens. I was helped along that path by things that I witnessed back in the 1960s, such as injured children dying because their stone-age parents refused to let them have blood transfusions. Do you still do that, or have you grown up a little bit?

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Atheists were admitting that

Atheists were admitting that they were believers so many years that's a reason i questioned them why did they believe when Bible or CHRIST didn't ask them, fine. Why did u focus on dyeing children? I'm not saying u r not suppose to focus but before you do that 1st you must have to know who you are? you have to seek ways to remove a speck from your own eye before you attempt to remove a wooden piece from the eye's of others.

Children are dyeing and many people & animals & all are dying but the fact is that you looked only at dyeing children but why don't you look at children who are enjoying lives, therefore you failed to balance between these two sort of different children's when comes to blame GOD. I'm sorry for the ignorance of such Parents.

I'll try to do whatever best to get medication, however I'm not blame for GOD or I'm not use my Godly provision to get cured despite the assurance that GOD reserved a great happiness ahead.

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@Peter: ".....remove a speck

@Peter: ".....remove a speck from your own eye before you attempt to remove a wooden piece from the eye's of others."

Here's what the Bible actually says (Matthew 7:5): "Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye." You've got it the wrong way round. Read the book. And by the way, I'm not the holier-than-thou hypocrite who would allow my children to die for the sake of a bit of misunderstood superstitious nonsense. So you get the plank out of your eye.

When I asked you about dying children ("dyeing" means to change the color of something with dye), I was referring to the ludicrous Jehovah's Witness notion that having a blood transfusion is equivalent to drinking blood. As a child in England, I heard about many cases where injured children were denied life-saving transfusions because of this superstition. Blood is a complex chemical fluid that carries oxygen, nutrients, and defenses throughout our bodies. There's nothing magical or sacred about it. I've given lots of blood and received it once. So I guess I won't be getting into heaven with you chosen ones. I can't tell you what a relief that is.

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What I explained is just a

What I explained is just a reflection on Matthew 7:5 anyway, what I'm trying to say is that you cant take a decision based on the false religion like Jehovah witness or mormon or any other but you have to make a call based on the HOLY BIBLE and CHRIST who shed His precious blood primarily to connect different bloodline people to make one bloodline so as to get rid of sin. I too donated blood and agree what did u describe its role in saving lives.

The Point is that the BIBLE never asked anybody to be a believer that mean there's every possibility so as to become a witness of GOD and to Prove existence of GOD but Atheists has failed and become an Apostasy is a great blunder mistake.

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The holy babble does not

The holy babble does not contain answers. It is the book of multiple choice answers for christians and other theists

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to peter: acts chapter 16

to peter: acts chapter 16 verse 31 says in a nutshell believe on the Lord jesus Christ and you will be saved Also John chapter 14 verses 7 to 21.Here Jesus addresses in quite detail about himself and the holy spirit,what I was taught was as a catholic was to be baptized and receive communion and to go to the sacrament of reconciliation penance if you will. When I switched to protestant church I was told to simply say the the lords in my heart and repent to be some churches baptism was not necessary to consider one being saved They site the thief on the cross was saved without being baptized. As far as I`m concerned all religion is false. Rather if one believes and becomes a witness or not.All religions are man made and that is where the greatest errors lie.Man is capable of being very fallible

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Thanks Friend, you made a

Thanks Friend, you made a valid points but the issue with both Catholics and Protestant is that nobody studies Bible deeply, I appreciate you brought Acts 16:31 and similar words throughout the Gospels. You can notice from Acts 16:31 there's a SALVATION as a RESULT of believes.

So once there's a SALVATION obtained then there's no need to believe which's not necessary but unfortunately Christians are in wrong. Gospels are just a foundations, Acts - Jude were building and the Book of Revelation is Roof.

Acts 16:31 & like verses were reinforcement of what has been said in the Gospels but all those words were became invalid when ACTS 1:8 comes to effect, therefore become a Witness of CHRIST is an ultimate position when comes to be a Christian but you missed out to understand these realities and land up in Atheism, I'm sorry.

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Peter: I believe that you can

Peter: I believe that you can`t separate witness from belief, like the epistle of peter says 1 peter chapter3verse15 the whole epistle is about Christian conduct believing and witnessing go hand and hand.You have to believe in order to be an speaker for the faith, there are creeds these are the basic foundations of the faith.And I wouldn`t agree with your claim protestants don`t read the bible enough, I know many who learned greek because they loved the word.THERE are many today like the Bereans of the new testament found in Acts chapter 17 verse 1.the whole new testament is about coming to a belief in Jesus Christ and going out to witness of his grace and forgiveness.So Acts chapter one verse 8 that you site is just the starting point to a life devoted to God.

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Thanks I noted your points, I

Thanks I noted your points, I didn't blame both Protestants & Christians they read Bible but not in deep please study carefully, if you look at Bible deeply then you can find there're different meanings in the progress of time, for me belief and witness are two different things, belief is an object subject to proof, once it's proved then there's no need belief as far as a person who found proof, thereafter he no longer believes but become a Witness of Truth so as to testify the Truth. Therefore Acts 1:8 instructs believers are not suppose to embark any ministries but unfortunately there're many who became ministers falsely.

The Epistles like Peter were teaching based on Gospels but having the book of Revelation we need to study in view of the entirety of the New Testament, therefore what Peter or Paul says has to be compared with a book of Revelation and take a final call before we arrive any conclusions. Believe is just a beginning that should lead into a witness, it's not about remains to be a believer for a long time or until death that's not a Christian message from NT and I agree your point on Acts 1:8 but it must also comes to an end.

My point is, Atheists were studied Bible so many years but missed out to become a witnesses in stead they landed up in Atheism that's their blunder mistake. Therefore their former lives as Christian believers were not warranted which they failed to understand during those positions.

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Oh, bullshit Peter. There is

Oh, bullshit Peter. There is no truth, no deep meaning in the bible. It is just a bunch of fables from other cultures.
The responsibility of PROOF is the same no matter what you say. The christian myth has NEVER passed the test of proof. Therefore, it isn't even close to the truth. YOU may believe but that doesn't make it the truth and certainly not fact. Theologians have read the bible. Scholars have read the bible, and I dare say that they know a great deal more about it than YOU will ever know. Your decision to redefine "witness" (which there is no proof of) and "belief" is just a childish attempt that holds NO credibility whatsoever.
If you evoke the bible as proof, you'd better back it up with REAL evidence. I'm quite sure you don't even know what evidence is. Hearsay isn't proof. The bible is just full of hearsay and allegory which isn't proof of anything.
Also, it has been my experience that atheists are far more learned about the bible than most christians to include you. People don't become atheists lightly or easily. That is YOUR fucking blunder. So you can't stop with the insulting condescending BULLSHIT!
Funny how the only person on the board that you actually agree with can't even decide what HE is. It just illustrates how stupid YOUR position is.
Like I stated before, you have no fucking clue about atheists, OR what the hell you are talking about. It's all just gibberish, made up crap. Just like your religion.

Read and heed.

The thing is, you have never read or have anyway of knowing what is really in the original book of revelations.
The oldest bible is the Codex Sinaiticus and it is only 1600 years old. Every bible has been highly and politically revised to include the Codex Sinaiticus. So IF there is a word of god, how is is it that everyone NOW believes the edited word of god? Was your god's word not god enough? Apparently not.
The fact is that the bible and god were made up by men. NO god has ever been proven. The bible isn't worth the paper it is written on, and your little revissionist story is also BULLSHIT!

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Hi Friend, You haven't come

Hi Friend, You haven't come across the PROF that doesn't mean there's no proof at all,

1st, Was there a Christian Proof tested? No not at all. If you test based on REVELATION 11:5 that's how Atheists has to test but it's not happened so far, therefore your attempt is false.

2ndly I'm not a BELIEVER but a witness of GOD therefore I have proof, thus no need to believe.

3rdly, who are the theologian you are talking about or Scholars? Theologians or Scholars are not competent members to defend or Prove Bible because the BIBLE or CHRIST didn't ask anybody to be such positions but before they must have to become Witnesses of GOD so as to prove effectively, therefore your point on Theologians & Scholars are not warranted.

I'm not simply evoke Bible as Proof but say that the BIBLE have Proof that has to be discovered using brain wherein people failed and became Atheists who claim that they have read Bible more than any body, if so my initial question was, why did Atheists believe so many years when the BIBLE & CHRIST didn't asked them to be a believers as ACTS 1:8 invalidates all those that refer to be a believer because of the post Pentecostal scenario.

I have an EVIDENCE that proves there's no need to be a believer when the HOLY SPIRIT as GOD exist so as to enter into the physical body of a believer & turn him to be a Witness as a result of reading the Bible & having beliefs on CHRIST.

I have much idea here's a Proof about Atheists like # 1 Atheist Richard Dawkins who says "BELIEVE IF THERE'S EVIDENCE" I asked this man, why there's a need to believe if there's an Evidence? I can sit with him across the table with his audience, then I can prove you Atheists are really FOOLS, having missed the great Proof of GOD of the Bible.

Why do you think of always ancient manuscripts when comes to Bible which made available the HOLY SPIRIT who was inspired back then and also can give clarifications even now when entered into anyone as of Witnesses of GOD like me, so as to know what that means now in 21st century, you people failed to establish a contact with a source but only look at the documents and making false claims.

Therefore GOD of the BIBLE was not proved in the near past but its an event to be taken place as the climax of the world & return of CHRIST, Thus GOD of the HOLY BIBLE exist and I'm a witness.

Thank you Again, Have a nice day.

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incoherrent rambling, run-on

Incoherrent rambling, run-on sentences, random captiolization; Peter, your posts remind me of the scribbling on the bottles of Dr. Bronner's Soap.

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@Nyarlathotep: "Incoherrent

@Nyarlathotep: "Incoherrent rambling, run-on sentences"

That's another reason for keeping religion out of schools. Most theists seem to be sub-literate ignoramuses. I wouldn't want them teaching bad grammar to my grandchildren.

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peter thanks for the dialogue

peter thanks for the dialogue, but faith means everything, Like the bible says that faith pleases God. In order to be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ you must come to faith after believing what the bible teaches about him and his teachings.You have to have some foundations to work with. When I read and through sermons from the clergy I got faith and that inspired me to go and witness, What I mean by being a witness is how I lived my life and teaching the word after exhaustive study.I gave out tracts I taught the bible on street corners, risking my own health while doing it, As for your comment on the book of revelation, It is important but the whole bible is necessary for today, We can read the book of revelation so much that we pass up the other parts of the bible like the love chapter of paul in the book of Corinthians, or the high priestly teaching in the book of Hebrews, Or the Christian life in Ephesians.So please while revelation is important the most important of these is love which you find in first Corinthians chapter 13.

William G Peter's picture
Thank you very much I

Thank you very much I appreciate your points, Faith is the substance of things hoped and the certainty of evidence unseen as the Bible says, so there's evidence which's unseen however there're ways the same Bible explains so as to come to know an evidence, thereafter of course faith becomes an obsolete in the case of a person concerned who become a Witness of God.

The life of a witness is differ from what did u describe in light of the scriptures, however I know what you're saying is the same with many even among committed Christians. A Witness of JESUS is expected to live like JESUS did that mean, if you look at the Apostles they all lived like JESUS until their death whereas JESUS did claim before Abraham was I'm in John 8:58, challenged death in John 2:19, resurrected from death in 3 days and ascended to heaven and these few were not done by the Apostles but left for the Christians who live prior to the return of CHRIST to accomplish so as to fulfil everything that the LORD spoke as a testimony.

Now in 21st century being a witness of CHRIST, I can claim before 2000 years, I'm. You may wonder, how does it possible? think for a moment, there's HOLY SPIRIT who came upon the city of Jerusalem during 1st century who's called 3rd person of the triune God, and the same HOLY SPIRIT exist for the past 2000 years and if the same HOLY SPIRIT enter into any human body, then the age of such person should have to be calculated based on the age of the HOLY SPIRIT, therefore irrespective of my physical age I can claim literally before 2000 years, I exist, having witness of events happened before 2000 years and whatever that has been written in the Bible. See CHRIST said in Matthew 16:28 there're SOME standing here they shall not taste death until they see the return of the son of man, therefore what He said is being fulfilled in the lives of Witness. Apostles didn't claim like JESUS that's possible now.

Similarly the witness of CHRIST can repetition what JESUS did by way of challenging death, because the body of a Witness is the temple of GOD that cant be destroyed, however to the glory and fulfilment of the word of CHRIST they would challenge death as described in the book of Revelation 11 and accomplish resurrection from death in 3.5days and also ascend to heaven so as to fulfil what JESUS commanded that "thou shall follow me".

Now, the reception of the HOLY SPIRIT into the physical body is an event that took place as a result of reading the Holy Bible in an individual life who could eventually become a witness of CHRIST. Therefore there's best explanation and evidence for the existence of the GOD of the Holy Bible. Unfortunately Atheists were believers so many years but didn't understand the Bible that drove them to be in Atheism, therefore they have no moral rights to argue that there's no God because we have evidence which both can explain and demonstrate at an appropriate time.

The Book of Revelation was written to Christians who're in the Church, especially it challenges everyone to discover what was existed before 2000 yrs by overcoming the obstacles so as to find what's missing and bring back the testimony of CHRIST for a logical conclusion, therefore only some might overcome and authorised by CHRIST to carry out his testimony, thus it's not understandable to anyone except those who overcome.

Thanks for understanding, WG.Peter.

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hello peter, we are born into

hello peter, we are born into the world yes we have a tradition that goes back over 2,000 years but we began at a starting point Jesus is at work through the holy spirit today also and until the end of time, the spirit is the great comforter and revealer of truth the book of revelation does say of his returning but we have to believe the whole bible as Judean Christians take the whole old and new testaments literally for what they mean.As for the outside information the bible should be our only source, you quoted from the bible which is all well and good but you didn`t have the complete context.Belief is the most important thing it motivates us to act to feed the poor to clothe the naked to house the homeless etc. it says in the bible that we are overcomers by his blood and the word of his testimony, it is not some Christians but applys to all Christians. We are all overcomers Peter not just a select few.Jesus said in the great commission to go to the whole world and baptize in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit.Also you mention the book of revelation it says there that before the throne of God there was all people from every nation and tongue will appear before God for the judgement of God.We can only account before God for our lives and let the people who lived before Christ as you say pre 2,000 years account for there actions.

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Hi Friend, this's what

Hi Friend, this's what everyone says throughout the centuries but it's not so if you look deep into the Bible, God made available His Spirit in this world so as to enter into believers thereafter they're not called believers, now the greatness is that those who received the GOD's spirit into their physical body are called the temple of God but there's none come forward to challenge, if so there's none received the Holy Spirit into their physical body which's an evidence of existence of GOD so as to prove by walking in the path of CHRIST, that's why He left an example to follow.

Therefore God made His Spirit available here for all but who else received that's what matter. I'm sure that I have enough, but remind every Atheists that they failed to understand the Bible which didn't ask any one to be a believer but they remain believers for a long time before become an theist that's their blunder mistake which drove them to be Atheists.


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