Ben Carson-brilliant or a moron

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Ben Carson-brilliant or a moron

I tried to broach this subject before. "I AM AN GOD BIGOT" was one of my posts but I had others with similar themes. Mostly I was either ignored or my premise was rejected as false and I was labeled a fool or a racist. You are right I am a God bigot and so are you.. Admit it--just admit it-you are a God bigot. Ben Carson is a famous neurosurgeon- a brilliant skilled intellectual. He seems also to be a humble, interesting and likeable person. Ben Carson is running for President. While Donald Trump is a narcissist, arrogant , egotistically, psychotic, crazy, maniac- Ben Carson is a quiet, reasonable likeable easy going, patient, talented person. Ben Carson is a 7 day advent. Ben Carson goes not believe in evolution. Ben Carson knows the bible not as an antagonist to scripture but he believes the bible is the word God. Ben Carson is a conservative republican and much of his beliefs and "politics comes from the bible". One of his ideas for tax reform was everyone should "pay" 10% of their income to the government. Of course this is a wacko idea but Ben Carson believes this should be implemented because tiding 10% is in the bible. Homosexuality is a very bad sin in scripture and Ben Carson does not believe in "Gay" marriage. Ben Carson is not just your every day Christian but an orthodox "believer". I don't know for sure if Ben Cason believes in 7 day Adam and Eve and the talking snake or Noah's arc but he believes Jesus was born from a virgin and knows the bible backwards and forwards and can quote passages with passion. There are many other smart stupid people like Frances Collins or John Lennox who don't believe in evolution and are devout Christians. I AM A GOD BIGOT AND SO ARE YOU. No matter how "smart" "skilled", "intelligent", accomplished, kind, generous, likeable or brilliant many smart stupid people are -if they believe in the God in the bible-----All that does not matter--they become morons and idiots. You can't help yourself -if smart stupid people do dumb things(the bible) you judge them as "fools". You can't help yourself. I AM A GOD BIGOT AND SO ARE YOU-- God Bless

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I seldom reply sensibly to

I seldom reply sensibly to Kenny's posts 'cos he's a troll, but the answer as to why intelligent people follow some religion or another is quite straightforward: it's been pumped into their heads when they were very young. That kind of conditioning is very dificult to throw off, even if you want to, which many people don't, for various reasons. I gave some of them in a thread I started.
(Note: time for a para.)
There are a couple of quotes which hghlight the issue, I can't be bothered to find the exact words:
'Give me the boy and you can have the man.'
'Give me a man for the first eight years of his life and you can have the rest.'
(Note: this is nothing to do with Catholic priests.)
This is pointing out just how deep this kind of childhood conditioning really is. Maybe some kind of rehab would be needed to get rid of it. There was an article in SciAm recently which said that when someone's worldview collides with science, science will lose. That's what you have here.

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Nutmeg because you are such a

Nutmeg because you are such a moron and an idiot too I usually don't respond to dummies. But I will hold my nose and ignore your stink. Yes early childhood is the reason "all" people not just stupid smart people are conditioned and believe ridiculous "things" like an invisible God in heaven. But usually smart people realize the idea of Adam and Eve and the talking snake or Noah,s arc or the virgin birth of Jesus is ridiculous. That's why most but not all smart people believe all that bullshit in the bible is ridiculous. Almost all very,very very very snart people understand belief in God is totally, without any doubt, absolutely absurd. If early childhood conditioning was so powerful then why do 80% of smart people and 99% of very very very smart people believe God is bullshit. Ben Carson, John Lennox, and Frances Collins are very very very very very smart dumb. Conditioning cannot be the ONLY reason that these smart dumb people believe stupid things(GOD). 1% of very very very very very very smart people believe in God. How did this 1% manage to ignore all the massive evidence and reason to believe stupid things(God). Yes conditioning is definitely a factor but not the whole story. What is it then????? I don't know.... But "something" else is going on. Maybe why very very very very smart people who believe in GOD is a mystery. God works in mysterious ways. Maybe Ben Carson does not believe in evolution and believes Jesus was born a virgin ---is mysterious.... Nutmeg I don't suspect you know what I am talking about cause you are a dummy... God Bless

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You take trolling to a new

You take trolling to a new level, you really do. I hope you never get banned because we need trolls as much as we need anal warts. Lol.

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God works in mysterious ways

God works in mysterious ways

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Like designing anal warts,

Like designing anal warts, just to be f****** irritating.

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One would have thought the

One would have thought the fact that he is a politician would have already answered your question.

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Travis-with all I had to say

Travis-with all I had to say about being a God bigot and trying to find a complicated reason why smart dumb people believe stupid things(God) all you can say "the fact he is a politician" answered your question.". Travis each day you amaze me.. God Bless

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