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BenC or Kenny if you will

I have read almost all of the threads started by BenC. At first I tried to reply to them. In doing so I am met with insult. But that is another matter.
Lets take a look at BenC. or Kenny's obsessions.
1) Trump. Enough already!!! I hate Trump as well, but enough. Your obsession indicates that you actually admire the asshole.
2) Homosexuality. Another psychotic obsession. Any clear thinking individual knows that gays are people too and should be respected as such, but Kenny come on. You act as if you want someone to discover your secret so you can come out of the closet. We don't care if you ARE gay or not, but to go on and on and on is psychotic.
3) The continual "you must like me" crap response to every reply to your post. We get it. You want to be liked. What you apparently don't know is that we can tell that you only do this because you apparently don't like yourself.

It's sad really, that Kenny has to stoop so low to get attention. Some of his threads start off rather well, even interesting, but it never fails he submarines them with his insulting comments, and meaning discussion is thrown out of the window.

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I've posted this before.

I've posted this before. Sometimes I think Kenny is a reverse Poe (a theist pretending to be an atheist). This view is controversial. Here are some reasons I gave in the past:

Nyarlathotep - "1) You always pick the most extreme cartoonist atheist position possible; you know the kind of positions that theists often accuse atheists of holding. Example: when you told us how you were addicted to talking about religion/watching atheist YouTube videos? Or the time you claimed you were God, because you could judge others?

2) That you tend describe famous Christian apologists as being "very very very very smart".

3) When you refer to the Christian deity you often use the phrase "God almighty".

4) The numerous times you have implied that humans have souls."

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I suspect the same thing, but

I suspect the same thing, but as always you do the hard work for all of us.

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I have a clearly defined

I have a clearly defined personal bubble I can be quite rude about it. I hate office neck massages when my coworkers feel priveleged to start fingering my neck because they consider me stressed out. I am not into group hugs. When Kenny says "kisses" I get the sense of some middle aged stubble bearded man with wet lips kissing my cheek. No offense Kenny but creeps me out. I am also a germiphobe ( not an irrational one ) because I work 6 days a week in an environment that has evolved some of the most powerful pathogens known. I don't even like to shake hands. I know this is the internet but stop kissing me Kenny!

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I sincerely hope that you don

I sincerely hope that you don't mind me finding that slightly humorus.

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I sincerely hope you find it

I sincerely hope you find it humorous. It was meant to be. I hope Kenny finds it humorous too.

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Ah the person that acts

Ah the person that acts irrationally calls me irrational. How ironic and hypocritical.

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Irrationality, hypocrisy, and

Irrationality, hypocrisy, and his "unique" brand of "sarcasum" seem to be Kenny's trademark traits.

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As the public warning I have

As the public warning about Kenny that I have been positing for a long time says:

"Claims to be an atheist. But he has a fondness for using "sarcasm", even though no one ever gets his sarcasm and he has been told this many times, he keeps posting such deceiving comments."

He has been told a hundred times how bad sarcasm translates through a text only medium, yet he continues to use it and as soon as someone doesn't "get it", he finds it unbelievable. The actual problem is that he spams the forum with thread after thread, with subjects he has posted about many times before. And it almost always ends up being a thread about himself.
I have personally watched him get banned probably about 10 times, but even when he promises not to come back, he still does. And the same pattern repeats again and again. He is a retired 65+ baby trapped in a repeating behaviour he can't break.

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