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big talk no substance

The Brussels bombings have created a great deal of blustering lately most of which is all talk with no substance. We can forgive Trump as he knows nothing about anything and by hook or by crook (probably crook) will not be the nominee.
Trump wants to eliminate the IO funding, nuke ISIL, and build a wall on our southern border.
1. The IO is the only thing that even remotely suppresses terrorist attacks. We need to get Europe to match our commitment. Right now the US funds about 70% of it.
2. Nuking ISIL is impossible given there isn't much of a concentration in one spot, PLUS it would violate several international and US laws.
3. Trump can say he is going to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it, but that again is an impossibility. Mexico would never pay for it. You can't just build a wall, you have to man it and maintain it, and just a wall would stop oh.....NOBODY! Just as many illegal aliens enter the US from Canada, every international airport and seaport. If you remember history there was a wall, the Maginot Line that stopped no one. The Great wall of China that stopped no one. Hitler's European Defense Wall, that stopped no one. The mythical walls of Jericho that stopped no one. The Alamo that stopped no one. and on and on and on....!
5. There is no wall to stop the internet.

Cruz says he would keep surveillance on all Muslim neighborhoods. Yeah right. And he says he is a "constitutionalist."
1. The office of the president doesn't have authority to tell police departments what to do!
2. What is a Muslim neighborhood anyway?!
3. It would be uh...UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!
4. There aren't enough law enforcement officers to perform such a task.
5. The Constitution doesn't allow the president to use the military in law enforcement or any other action against it's own citizens.

The thing is that the conservatives/republicans all believe this trash that Trump and Cruz are spewing.
Like I said:
Big Talk NO substance!

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This European agrees with all

This European agrees with all you wrote, except that I hadn't heard of "IO funding". I think it is this....
(Pardon my ignorance)

Just as TTP and other trade pacts seek to standardize economic and trade legislation internationally (thus facilitating free trade and business), perhaps we need an international framework for IO to facilitate intelligence gathering and sharing?

Thanks to the CIA's "operations", (e.g. undermining NGOs and the fight against polio in Pakistan) the US intelligence services are not trusted by Europeans and other western democracies.

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We in the USA don't trust the

We in the USA don't trust the CIA or the NSA very much either. The IO is much more than just information operations. That is just a name it was given when formed. It is an international cooperative that funds and operates to seek find and destroy terrorist operations. It targets funding and communications and is tasked with stopping a terrorist act before it happens...tough but important job.

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The wall cracks me up to no

The wall cracks me up to no end. I believe Trump might have a way to profit from this. Some crony capitalist friends and kickbacks are in the works. I think America has lost the backbone for freedom. They are choosing jackboots over diplomacy and intelligent solutions to domestic problems. Flock of sheep.

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"Trump as he knows nothing

"Trump as he knows nothing about anything and by hook or by crook (probably crook) will not be the nominee."

Trump will almost assuredly be the nominee. The best odds you can get on Trump winning nomination right now are 4:11 (that means if you wager 11$ on Trump getting the nomination you get your 11$ back, and you win 4$).

That being said, I agree with the major topic: little or no substance. A close friend of mine who is a Republican summed it up pretty well the other day: "I can't believe it, I'm going to be forced to vote for Hillary Clinton".

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Keep in mind the republicans

Keep in mind the republicans are counting on a contested convention. If that happens, Trump has zero chance as the nominee. I hope he actually wins because it will mean a virtual shoe in for Hillary and the complete demise of the republicans on the national stage. Just like the Whig party.

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I'm just telling you what the

I'm just telling you what the bookmakers have the odds at. If you don't think those odds are accurate, you stand to make a huge pile of money.

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I wasn't questioning you at

I wasn't questioning you at all. I'm sure you are correct on the odds. It won't matter if they go to convention.
The way the GOP operates is through deceit and secrecy.

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That is all well and good. If

That is all well and good. If you think Cruz has a chance to win the nomination you should start placing wagers since it pays 6:1

Cruz to win the actual office pays 30:1

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I don't wager on anything. I

I don't wager on anything. I buy a lottery ticket for my mom even though I think it's a tax on the stupid. I buy an Irish sweepstakes ticket once a year out of tradition, but I don't really wager.
I vote! I will not vote for a conservative, republican, tea party, or libertarian. I vote for liberal, progressive, socialist, democratic party, green party, or independents, and or combinations of the same.

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As I see it, Cruz is even

As I see it, Cruz is even worse than "Drumpf".
Drumpf will treat the US as one of his building project scam rip-off's, screwing over the environment in the process.

But Cruz, he will do the same thing while simultaneously doing what he can to reverse church and state separation and creating a Christian empire. Religious war anyone?

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Yep Cruz may be the biggest

Yep Cruz may be the biggest crook of them all.

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You can now get 6.6:1 on Cruz

You can now get 6.6:1 on Cruz winning the nomination. 32:1 on him winning the election.

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Great if I was a betting

Great if I was a betting person, I would run right out and find a bookie, but I'm not so I won't.

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Are you kidding? You must be

Are you kidding? You must be kidding right? First of all Trump espouses powers that the president doesn't have. Secondly he is a bankrupt machine. He will drive this economy right off the proverbial cliff just like "W".
Trump is a self entitled spoiled brat racist misogynist jerk. He demonizes large sectors of the population pitting one group (the uneducated white males) against everyone else. He is using false indignation to gin up a base....a very small base to get big rally numbers and when small elections. He doesn't have a plan. He spews a stream of consciousness that is illogical an utterly without merit. He makes up shit that he thinks people want to hear. He didn't see a group of muslims in New Jersey cheering on 911. He couldn't didn't happen. He is divisive and very bad for this nation.
As for the "wall", it will never happen, and if it did, Mexico would not pay 1 red cent(peso) for it's construction. Incidentally the labor force most assuredly would be Mexicans. Do you really think that would happen? It wouldn't be effective anyway. No wall is going to stop the internet and drug dealers and criminals could circumvent any wall. I am amazed that people buy into Trumps bullshit. His bullying, his lies, his self.aggrandizing, he's a complete moron. When he speaks it's all about him, no substance, no facts, no plan whatsoever! Other than saying he is going to build a wall, which would and could not ever happen, what exactly has he said that he would do that would make this nation great if it isn't great right now.
The US has the number one economy in the world. The only thing wrong with this nation is wealth disparity. 1% of the population hold over 70% of all the wealth. Wage earners have lost ground because wages have not increased in 30 plus years. Primarily due to the fact that the conservatives in this nation placate the big corporations and the top 1%.
What made this nation great in the first place was and is that it has a large middle class. The stronger, the larger, the healthier, the wealthier the middle class, the stronger the nation.
Republicans always blame the poor for the ills of this nation. They blamed predatory loans by corrupt lenders on the poor. They blame law abiding Mexicans that are HIRED by corrupt companies that don't want to pay taxes and other entitlements, for everything from all crimes to economic downfall. They blame unions for everything from failed education to economic failure, even though unions have not had an impact on anything for 30+ years. They deny global warming, deny the dangers of alcohol and tobacco, evolution, even though they are proven fact. They promote racism, sexism, hatred homophobia, and mono-culturalism, calling it "family values" or "morality". the replace history and science with revisionist history and pseudo-science. They invade our schools our courts our government with their evangelical religious beliefs and force those beliefs upon everyone. The create atrocities like Flint Michigan because they want to save a buck and turn around and blame the EPA. The suppress voting rights to poor, aged, young, minorities, by claiming voter fraud that hasn't happened.

I've cited 4 links that proves that there is virtually no voter fraud in this nation and hasn't even been.

No one of good conscious, logic, and mental stability, could ever vote for Trump, Cruz, or any other of the demagogues that the conservatives produce as candidates.

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mykckob4, you are being

mykckob4, you are being trolled. It isn't your fault, you are new around here so you can't recognize "Kenny" (a notorious troll around here). But I thought you should know.

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Thank you. Who is Donald T.

Thank you. Who is Donald T. and Pathway? Are you saying one of those two is "Kenny"?

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Oh, sorry. Yes I'm suggesting

Oh, sorry. Yes I'm suggesting that Donald is Kenny.

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Ah, time to pull out the old

Ah, time to pull out and update the old warning sign...

Public information announcement:

"Donald. T" is actually an infamous troll of the Atheist Republic forum.

Generally referred to as "Kenny", has been banned many times under different names.
Previously known aliases include: "Kenny Schweiger", "Kenny", "myself", "alleycat", "richardd", "Christopher", "marken", "punkin", "amber", "Simon", "fred,k", "blasphemy", "rickwarren", "(not verified)" and "imagine".

Claims to be an atheist. But he has a fondness for using "sarcasm", even though no one ever gets his sarcasm and he has been told this many times, he keeps posting such deceiving comments.

He seems obsessed with religions, creationists and the stupidity of Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Joel Osteen, Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, Vanna White, Sarah Palin, etc.

This announcement will be posted whenever he spams, agitates, confuses or flies of the handle.

Also, he finds these announcements 'boring'.

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I've encountered these sorts

I've encountered these sorts before on other boards. I had the tech guy in my company trace one all the way back to Lynchburg Tenn. He worked for Liberty University. They were attacking the web sight, setting up sock puppets, trolling, and posting images of abortions.

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