Blind atheism vs blind faith

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Is religion even worthy of

Is religion even worthy of wasting time on studying? That is the question!

In my humble opinion? Not in the slightest.

A god so vast and infinite, but cannot be detected, nor evidenced.

A god so smart and wise that he only showed himself to an illiterate peasant and a war lord during the metal ages... despite our technicalogical advances now (which he should know).

A God that is less moral then myself.

A God that suspends the laws of nature apparently, but can't leave a shred of evidence to show that it happened or is even possible.

You add that all up, along with other clear things that I cannot be bothered to go in to and your left with one great big cake, full of utter, utter, utter, utter, utter bollocks.

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Ah, the spicy odour of

Ah, the spicy odour of supernaturalist hubris is in the air again ... you think those of us who paid attention in class don't know the distinction between an epistemological claim and an ontological claim?

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Bumping this reponse to the

Bumping this reponse to the end...since Leper's trolling is now matching the stupidity of her posts.

Leper "The word agnostic as used generally means a person who highly doubts God exists"

Sheldon "Agnosticism is the belief that nothing is known, or can be known, about the nature of existence of a deity."

Leper "#1 That's another way of putting what I said. #2 Who really cares? #3 An Agnostic is a disbeliever."

#1 No it isn't, and I just posted the dictionary definition.
#2 Don't be a fucking tool, you brought it up in your post ffs.
#3 No they are fucking not, the word is an assertion about the limits of epistemology, and you are being deliberately moronic just to troll, at least I hope you are.

Leper " Usually the arrogant type who says out loud (very loud) "no one can really know anything" and yet disbelieves in his heart and behaviour."

Oh know you are claiming to know what agnostics believe and think outside of the definition of the word, you're just an angry theist with an axe to grind, and your imbecilic trolling is fooling no one, though the irony of you labelling anyone arrogant is truly fucking hilarious.

Leper "After all an atheist can doubt too. An atheist and an agnostic usually are more or less the same thing - they just stamp different labels on themselves depending on which they feel is superior."

Oh ffs, atheism is a statement that donates a lack of belief, agnosticism is a statement about the limits of epistemology, they are not mutually exclusive, but they are demonstrably not the same fucking thing , except to illiterate retarded theists with an axe to grind. Your command of English is execrable. That last sentence is hilariously stupid errant nonsense.

Leper "But at the end of the day the human mind is naturally superstitious which leads to that everyone knows and senses a more powerful being, God exists. But in a different way than the believers."

The fact humans are naturally superstitious doesn't remotely endorse superstition you clown, quite the opposite, it demonstrates an inherent bias that requires the use of complex objective methods like science and logic in order to avoid the kind of moronic apologetics you and your ilk fall for, and then espouse as true, without being able to demonstrate a shred of objective evidence to support your belief in archaic superstitions about magic sky fairies and flying fucking horses.

Leper "Control yourselves. I know this is gonna trigger you bad. Please, take deep breaths and count to ten, yall. "

Mohammed on a fucking bike, how many times must you be told you all is two fucking words, so if you want to abbreviate it, then is y'all, and your illiteracy as vexing as it is, isn't triggering anything but pity and derision.

It's becoming increasingly difficult not to point out how dumb your posts are.

>blockquote>Leper " I'd tell you to drink a glass of water, but since it's something the Prophet Muhammad used to do "

I don't value the opinion of paedophile warlords, and am more than capable of recognising the value of water without recourse to your superstitious guff. Your trolling is as poor as your literacy, and that is fucking poor.

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LEPER has left the building.

LEPER has left the building.


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