borrowed world-views

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borrowed world-views

Borrowing from the presup's world view?

What do presuppositionalists precisely mean when they say non-Christians are borrowing from the Christian world view?

By way of an example, consider our pre-Christian (Homo sapien) ancestors.
It seems reasonable to presuppose the following three things about these ancestors:

1. they used induction
2. broadly speaking, they trusted their induction
3. they were aware enough to know that their induction was sometimes fallible

Concretely speaking, in what way were these people borrowing from the Christian world view with regard to induction?
I'm not trying to be overly polemical about this-I would really like to know. Can someone please walk me through this step by step.
Or not.

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Our ancestors including

Our ancestors including Neanderthals did not borrow from a ''christian world view'' because christianity did not exist then. Duhhhhh

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What do you mean by christian

What do you mean by christian worldview? Christian don't use logic, they use faith in their belief of a god.

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Googled presuppositionalists,

Googled presuppositionalists, Got:

Presuppositionalism is a school of Christian apologetics that believes the Christian faith is the only basis for rational thought. It presupposes that the Bible is divine revelation and attempts to expose flaws in other worldviews.

Is that what you are talking about? Confirm and I will reply with my thoughts.

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