Camel Urine and Milk

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Camel Urine and Milk

Copied from the scared Hadith, The hadeeth referred to by the questioner is a saheeh hadeeth, in which it says that some people came to Madeenah and fell sick. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) told them to drink the milk and urine of camels, and they recovered and grew fat. In the story it also says that they apostatized and killed the camel-herder, then the Muslims caught them and executed them. Narrated by al-Bukhaari (2855) and Muslim (1671).

Does anyone know if drinking camel urine does help fight illnesses?

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"Does anyone know if drinking camel urine does help fight illnesses?"

Not that I'm aware, but drinking one's own urine is a thing with some Hindus.

However, urine does have its uses. :

The ancient Romans apparently used human urine to bleach clothing.(it becomes ammonia if permitted to mature for a bit

The world famous Harris Tweed in Scotland uses mare's urine in its production.That's why HarrisTweed becomes quite aromatic if it gets wet,

Finally; Urine is is sterile, so may be used to wash out a wound for example. (but NOT jelly fish stings!)


OT :The reason camels have that smug look on their faces.:

It is said that Allah has a thousand names. He told the prophet 999 of them .The last one he told only to the camel .

Pretty old joke, I actually l prefer the sufi Nasrudin .

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@Camel Urine: Praise be to

@Camel Urine: Praise be to Allaah for the magnificent benefits of this ambrosia from Allaah have been proved by Scientific Research.

1. if you are sick you will recover and grow fat.

2. if you suffer from hepatitis, even advanced stages that no other medicine can cure, or digestive system problems, or various types of cancer and other diseases camel urine will restore your health and cure you of your maladies.

3. if you suffer from ringworm, tinea and abscesses, sores that may appear on the body and hair, or dry and wet ulcers blessed camel urine can cure them all.

4. if you want thick dandruff free luxurious and longer hair, camel urine can make you more attractive.

5. Scientific experiments have proven that camel’s urine has a lethal effect on the germs that cause many diseases. (issue no. 10132, Rabee’ al-Awwal 1421 AH)

6. Camel’s urine is also efficacious in the treatment of swelling of the liver and other diseases such as abscesses, sores that appear on the body and toothache, and for washing eyes.

7. If you have a pain in the heart caused by anger, a nice tall glass of fresh warm camel urine will ease your pain and put your mind at rest.

8. If you have wounds on your body the urine from a young she camel will ease your pain and rush your recovery.

9. if your teeth are bad, you no longer need the dentist. Camel urine will thicken your teeth and strengthen your gums. It will prevent teeth from falling out.

10. if you need to get regular Camel’s urine acts as a slow-acting diuretic, without depleting potassium or protein.

11. "Sudanese al-Jazeerah university, Professor Ahmad ‘Abd-Allaah: He said that he examined the patients’ livers with ultrasound before the study began, and he found out that the livers of fifteen out of the twenty-five were in a cirrhotic state, and some of them had developed cirrhosis of the liver as the result of bilharzia. All of the patients responded to treatment with camel’s urine, and some of them continued, by their own choice, to drink a dose of camel’s urine every day for a further two months."

12. Dr. Ahlaam al-‘Awadi, a specialist in microbiology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, supervised some scientific papers that dealt with her discoveries in the usage of camel’s urine for medical treatment, such as the papers by ‘Awaatif al-Jadeedi and Manaal al-Qattaan. During her supervision of the paper by Manaal al-Qattaan, she succeeded in confirming the effectiveness of using a preparation made from camel’s urine which was the first antibiotic produced in this manner anywhere in the world. Concerning the features of this new product, Dr. Ahlaam said:

It is not costly, and it is easy to manufacture. It can be used to treat skin diseases such as eczema, allergies, sores, burns, acne, nail infections, cancer, hepatitis and dropsy with no harmful side effects.

13. If you have read this far without skipping over shit, THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH YOU.


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@ Cog

@ Cog


You missed out Snake Oil and the Elixir of Life

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Oil is oil and as far as I

Oil is oil and as far as I know so is the Elixir of Life. (Anyway, oil is a key ingredient.) Probably oil from the tree of life. Tin might know.

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@Mhester Re: "Does anyone

@Mhester Re: "Does anyone know if drinking camel urine does help fight illnesses?"

Oh, dude! You have no idea! One cup of steaming fresh camel urine straight from the source. A half cup of fresh squirrel milk. Three cubes of fresh wombat poop. Two teaspoons of horny toad dandruff. And one drop of hummingbird spit. Mix it all in a blender. Then pour over a heaping bowl of frosted flakes. (They'rrrrre GREAT!) Microwave for three and a half seconds. Use a fork to eat the frosted flakes from the bowl. Then use a silly-straw to drink the remaining fluid from the bowl.

If you do this four times a day, every day, for a whole month, it is my understanding you will never have any type of illness again for the rest of your life. Of course, most people are just too skeptical to fully believe such a miraculous cure. Mostly, though, people simply lack the dedication and self-discipline to follow through with the treatment. Bunch of lazy asses. What a shame...

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@Cog Re: "Probably oil from

@Cog Re: "Probably oil from the tree of life. Tin might know."

Uh, well, truth be known, I just go get all the used oil from the Jiffy Lube shop down the street. (I'm Eco-friendly like that.) I then take it to a super-secret location about 438 feet from my house at a heading of 193 degrees. That's where I have a special recycle process that refines it into a magical cure-all ointment. Anyway, that's how I do it, but others may have their own methods and oil sources... *shrugging shoulders*...

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Here in Michigan, we have to

Here in Michigan, we have to import our camels, it's a bit tricky with all the domesticate animal regulations, but we get our buddies approved via medical exemptions. They do make a mess in the basement though.

The wife has become an expert at camel urine cocktails. Our house is always packed at the holidays, not to mention we butcher one camel a year and the steaks are really tender.

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@NewSkeptic Re: "...not to

@NewSkeptic Re: "...not to mention we butcher one camel a year and the steaks are really tender."

Mmmmm... Sounds yummy!... *drool*... Hey, speaking of camel steaks, have you ever tried camel toe? Wow! Talk about delicious!... *licking lips*... Granted, they have to be properly prepared, of course. Absolutely nothing worse than going down on a nice juicy looking serving of camel toe, only to discover the server did not prepare it properly... *shudder*...

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You IMPORT your camels?

You IMPORT your camels?

Australia EXPORTS camels, mainly to the Middle East. I'm amazed no one has become a wondering camel-urine-collector.

Camels were brought to Oz in the nineteenth century, by men from the middle east, who became known collectively as "Afghans" . .Camels were used to transport goods. They're certainly sturdier, needing a lot less regular water than bullocks, can go places a bullock train cannot, and are probably at least as fast as bullocks.

When they were no longer needed, they were released into the outback. Today,they're feral and there are many many thousands of them .

The South Australian train service called "The Ghan" is named after those intrepid cameleers . The train travels from Adelaide on the South coast, to Darwin on the North coast, about 3000km. (about 1800 miles) It's one of the great train trips of the world. We have another one, called"'The Indian Pacific" which travels from Sydney to Perth , which is 4352 KM (2704 miles)

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American Cowboys rode camels!

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We waste nothing from our

We waste nothing from our camels. Anything we can't eat is turned into furniture or toys for the kids.

For the toes, I highly recommend boiling and then melted butter. Better than lobster.

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Recipe for Australian parrot

Recipe for Australian parrot (of any variety): Take your dressed parrot (jeans and T shirt are fine)

Immerse in pot of 5 gallons of water ,along with a {clean ) rock of about a kg. Add half a cup of salt. Boil for 3 days ,taking care to top up the water as needed.

At the end of three days, throw away the parrot and eat the rock

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This recipe is not

This recipe is not recommended for cockatoos which are too venomous for human consumption, even for evangelical snakehandlers.

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@NewSkeptic Re: "For the

@NewSkeptic Re: "For the toes, I highly recommend boiling and then melted butter. Better than lobster."

Eh, maybe. I wouldn't know, though. The last (and only) time I ever suggested the server boil the camel toe, I got the absolute piss slapped out of me. I figured I had made a terrible breach of camel toe dining etiquette, so I never requested boiled again. Besides, eating them raw has always been the traditional method, as far as I know. About the most I will do is sometimes put a little fruity or chocolate flavored syrup on it. You know, just for a little extra flavor.

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I'm not sure about camel

I'm not sure about camel urine, but in Japan they sell a milk-based soft drink called "cow piss". It's written "Calpis" but that's not how it sounds. It used to be marketed as the "taste of first love", perhaps because it has the color and texture of semen. I don't know if it tastes like semen because I've only ever swallowed one of the two.

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Well, sure, cow piss. Cows are a cowboy's best friend. Who wouldn't drink cow piss on a cold winter's day. Out there on the range in the freezing snow as you watch all that steamy hot piss go to waste. Who wouldn't walk over and help themselves to a nice warm mouthful. The Japanese custom is just cowboy envy. You don't see us drinking Japanese Macaque piss do you? Of course not. We don't have Japanese envy. If cow piss was good enough for Daniel Boon, it's good enough for you.

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Daniel Boone? I thought he was into beavers.

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@Algebe Re: "Daniel Boone? I

@Algebe Re: "Daniel Boone? I thought he was into beavers."

Hey, I heard beavers go pretty good with camel toe.

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But first the appetizer. A

But first the appetizer. A little bearded clam with secret sauce.


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Well, damn. And I was just getting ready to share my fish taco recipe.

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Now THAT's witty. Have an

Now THAT's witty. Have an agree

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@Hey Tin! The secret

@Hey Tin! The secret ingredient for the next Eggnog fest!

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@Cog Re: "The secret

@Cog Re: "The secret ingredient for the next Eggnog fest!"

Hmmmm.... "Cow piss", huh?... *contemplative look*... *shrugging shoulders*... Eh, sure. Why the hell not? After all, can't be any worse than the possum drool I normally use. And it would definitely be easier to collect. Those damn possums are MEAN. And the little bastards BITE.... *subconsciously rubbing left butt cheek*...

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I am just thinking, how do

I am just thinking, how do you acquire camel urine? Do you stand around with a cup waiting for a male camel to urinate? Will he give you a signal? I saw a picture on the net of a Pakistanis filling a jug from a female camel! Can you imagine all of the fetal bacteria?

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@Mhester Re: "I am just

@Mhester Re: "I am just thinking, how do you acquire camel urine?"

I am SO glad you asked. Because I am developing a new invention/method that I plan on using to make millions of dollars in the camel urine industry. It isn't patented yet, so I don't want to give out too many details. But it involves a midget, a specialized harness, and a bucket. I'm still trying to iron out a couple of minor design and logistics kinks, though. (GPS tracking, emergency procedures, shift change protocols, optimal sponsorship logo placement. You know, just little things like that.) However, the concept itself is solid.... *excitedly rubbing hands together*... Yep, Millionaire City, here I come!

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@Mhester: How to acquire

@Mhester: How to acquire camel urine?

There is the traditional way... 1:13 - Advance the video

There is the modern way

There is the industrial way: Loads of interesting ways to get your daily dose.

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You can tap the source by

You can tap the source by using an small extra long cocktail straw shoved up the camel's urethra. Just keep shoving until urine begins flowing. When the camel is standing its bladder is higher than your mouth so the whole process is gravity driven like a siphon.

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"I am just thinking, how do you acquire camel urine? " C'mon, why do I have to explain this, it is so simple.

It's a takeoff on the same way we dealt with our youngins before they were potty trained. Being that we did not want to add to megatons of garbage people produce every day, we refused to use disposable diapers. We therefore developed a room in our house with slightly slanted floors and high pressure mulit-diagnally automated disinfecting sprinklers along with high speed blower/heaters. Then you just throw the kid in there for the first 2 or so years until potty trained. Everything was automated.

We simply put a similar system in the basement for the camels adding a urine collection process. Simple eh.? Isn't this how everyone does it?


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