can racism in religion be used to our advantage

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can racism in religion be used to our advantage

Late yesterday boko haram had pledged to join the islamic state but it was un welcomed due to racial reasons at least according to recent reports so cant the act of hating and not accepting each other be used as tool to cut down the relationship between religious people of different races and make them nail on each other and increase the rate of people who will begin releasing the harm of religion. what will be yield from the hates of religion and will the outcome be to our advantage will the hate have limits over time or will it explode and shake religion
peace out i hope you share your thoughts

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Religion has been dividing

Religion has been dividing people on the basis of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, type of hat...since recorded history. We don't have to do anything for this to be true.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest problems of religion. The cure is how to unite people...preferably around something rational.

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Trying to make it get more

Trying to make it get more attention on media and use this as a tool to show the dirtiness of religions will probably increase awareness and questioning of religion

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It's not as if many do not

It's not as if many do not try. Many of us use social media for this purpose. What do you think would make the mainstream media begin to cover it?

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the boko haram might have

the boko haram might have other motives in joining the Islamic State. Accepting them is risky so it's not about racism at all.

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It is not the only or main

It is not the only or main reason but it could be part of the reason according us recent officials report on

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Racist behavior by religious

Racist behavior by religious people would be attributed to those people not being "true followers of" whichever religion they claim. But yes, attention should be paid to how basing what is truth on faith can lead to horrendous decisions.

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