Canada LGBT wins over religion

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Canada LGBT wins over religion

Interesting read. Show how much religion is starting to lose it's hold on the world.

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Good news, thanks xeno.

Good news, thanks xeno.

The Canadian Supreme Court displays some common sense against Western Trinity's enforced morality rules. They might next consider rebranding the university as a monastery.

Queer little site for pastors. I could not access the link to JewsNews for further details but I did come across this appealing invitation from Pastor Tom:

Prophecy at Sea

All the prophecies, all at sea. The irony is amusing.

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Why would any person with

Why would any person with common sense ever go to a religious school?

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Religious schools are known

Religious schools are known for better educations. Let's face it. Once you are indoctrinated, you become a robot and do as you are told. You have no freedom of thought. When you are told to study, you study or God will punish you. Religious schools are sects of total mind control. If you can escape from them, you have the ability to become the next Christopher Hitchens.

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