Canada polygamy trial: Verdict due in Bountiful polygamy trial

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Canada polygamy trial: Verdict due in Bountiful polygamy trial

This trail is testing the boundaries of religious freedom in Canada. Polygamy is against the law in Canada.

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What are peoples thoughts on

What are peoples thoughts on polygamy?
I feel consenting adults should be allowed to love who ever and how many ever they like.

However, especially some religious based polygamy feels extreme to the point of damaging. All too often it is one male with many wives and the wives are treated as 2nd class and more like property, and the brainwashing of the religion/culture has the women accepting that.

How does government recognized marriage handle it? Do they write special tax law etc for when one man is married to 5 women? All living in the same household?

Or in the rare opposite scenario when a woman has multiple men as lovers, which male is ultimately responsible if a kid is born? Does the birth certificate require one of them to step up to be the responsibility accepting dad? The biological father is the obvious choice, but can the hospital require a dna test? Does the mother have the option of not naming a dad? Is it fair to the kid that the kid may not know his dna origin (for medical reasons?) How is child support handled?

I am for religious freedom in the privacy of peoples own homes, as well as people loving who ever they like, but there are major logistical issues to consider.

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Idiotic. The government

Idiotic. The government needs to stay out of the bedroom with consenting adults

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I second that; and would like

I second that; and would like to add, the government shouldn't be in the marriage business at all.

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I certainly feel church

I certainly feel church oriented marriage and government should be separated. Like I said at the top of my first post, what goes on with consenting adults in their home should be nobody's business but their own.

There are certain, at least in the US, distinctions a marriage couple has logistics wise. A merging of finances in the eyes of the law, a married couple cannot be forced to testify against their partner, taxes are handled differently, citizenship through marriage, plus lots more.

Do you guys think governments, (like the US,) should stop recognizing marriages at all? Everyone, regardless how close they are to a person is always their own entity? How about alimony? For the longest time despite it's abuses, alimony and/or divorce settlement money was needed to help protect women from financial disaster, and reduce the financial power men would hold over women to compel them to stay with the man due to a possible financial abyss the woman faces? Have we arrived to the point that their is enough gender equality that this protection is no longer needed?

Note: I am well aware this issue does not apply only to women in a hetrosexual marriage but applies to all types of marriages and all genders I just want to keep this posting more concise.

I personally never liked the whole idea behind "marriage" mainly due to its historical and religious connotations, but I have not really spent much time contemplating what an absence of marriage in the eyes of the law/government would mean. I think, I would vote for abolishing all forms of federal/state recognized marriage, if it came to a vote, but I feel quite a few issues would have to be addressed in the absence of fed/state recognized marriage.

I am currently happily married, and financially, the marriage has been advantageous to both of us.

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