Cancer Scare

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Cancer Scare

Had an XRay June 1st. Suspicious spot on right upper lung or second rib. Had an Ultrasound that ruled out breast malignancy. Had a CT Scan with Contrast today after it took 3 weeks for insurance to approve CT scan. No CA. Just scarring on lung from a previous fungal infection. In these last 5 weeks I have felt no desire to pray. No desire to respond to friends and family offers of prayer. No desire to thank the Great Bog in the Sky for a good report. Happy to be here at 60 years old with an otherwise good bill of health. Science is awesome!

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So glad to hear that you don

So glad to hear that you don’t have to deal with cancer, chimp. It sucks. And insurance companies are (insert favorite disparaging word here).

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I am a Registered nurse and

I am a Registered nurse and my deductible is so high I have had to pay for all this out of pocket. Why the delay? I have still not met my deductible after today. Maybe after the routine colonoscopy at the the end of the month.

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Hah don't get me started on

Hah don't get me started on insurance. Especially health insurance, to me they are mostly giant money making scams preying on people's fears, and health insurance, (the most important of them!) in the US is completely effed, but horribly is still pretty much non-optional.

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Glad to hear your okay chimp.

Glad to hear your okay chimp.

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I am glad to hear the test

I am glad to hear the test results did not indicate trouble.

Approximately two months ago I faced death, spent a few days in emergency and sincerely wondering if I would leave on my feet or in the back of a hearse. I did not appeal to any magic, in fact my overriding concern was the welfare of my loved ones. That was what occupied my mind. If I went, OK, that didn't really scare the beejesus out of me. But leaving my wife with less money than I planned, and leaving a little puppy that adored me, that was difficult.

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@ chimp3

@ chimp3

Glad you don't have cancer. All the best to you.

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@ Chimp3

@ Chimp3

Glad you are clear. Don't die on us we need one sensible poo flinger of the great apes around.

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Life is what happens while

Life is what happens while the Religious are praying! Glad things worked out okay.

@Old Man Shouts - You better lock that frigging bike up at night!

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Chimp! DON'T GO TOWARD THE LIGHT!!! Oh, wait... Nevermind. You said you are okay. Phew! Excellent. Seriously, though, really happy to hear all was clear. I've lost too many friends and family to that nasty disease over the years. Plus, this place just wouldn't be the same without you... *grin*...

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Glad to hear you are ok!

Glad to hear you are ok!

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Great news Chimp, wishing you

Great news Chimp, wishing you many more years of good health!

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Happy to hear that Chimp

Happy to hear that Chimp

It's time to celebrate.

Cog bring out the best yellow bananas you've been preaching about and pass them on.

Tin-man it's time to wax your tin suit to a shine. Tie is optional.

I will bring the home made Lasagna and home made wine.Oh mama mia...bring extra large pants.

Cheers !! and buon appetito !!

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In Spirit: I did celebrate

In Spirit: I did celebrate last night with a half decent Pinot Noir!

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Great news! Medical science

Great news! Medical science is truly amazing. It's a bit more expensive than prayer, but you get what you pay for.

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Praise God! Oops wrong forum

Praise God! Oops wrong forum.

May you have many years of good health!

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Clean bill of health at 60. Now that is something to celebrate!

I am working hard at making the right choices so that I will have better shot at getting a clean/good bill of health at 60 myself. I would like to think I have one advantage in that I don't expect some deity to do all the work for me just because I am faithful and "pray," and nothing "bad" will happen to me.

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LogicFTW, there are many

LogicFTW, there are many ailments that comes creeping upon us as we age, especially once past 60 years of age. Such problems as diabetes, arthritis, and cancer are just a few examples. I am 68 years of age, and only once I passed 60 did some of those problems raise their ugly heads.

Personally, I am high risk for cancer. I beat it back in 2010, but it is just in remission, and could come back. And just a little over two months ago, diabetes blindsided me, and I almost perished. My mistake was that in my arrogance of enjoying a very healthy body for 60 years, I believed I was bulletproof.

My point is, that once one slips into advanced years, one must be much more vigilant and never stop checking one's body, as well as attempt to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Preventive medicine is the best first line of defense, try to identify and resolve any changes or problems as soon as they manifest.

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@David Killens: Once one

@David Killens: Once one slips into advanced years, one must be much more vigilant

Very true. And I think one of the biggest health risks for people over 60 is retirement. It's vital to keep mentally active, and to be needed.

Fortunately I have to use Microsoft products in my work, so I'm constantly dealing with problems caused by bugs and design flaws. That keeps my mind sharp, though I fear Microshit will give me a coronary or a stroke one day.

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I will listen to both of your

I will listen to both of your guys advice valuable advice.

And dont even get me started on M$. Hell I would have to get a different line of work if there was no M$. Although, to be fair, Mac OS, linux, and android, chrome os and all the others are not, overall, much better. Some like IOS while better because they control both the hardware and software, are better, the people that use them are frequently worse.

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@David Killens

@David Killens

"And just a little over two months ago, diabetes blindsided me, and I almost perished."

I walked into a doctors office a little over a year ago. He took blood work, came back a few minutes later with an ashen look on his face.

"I'm glad you came in today, it may have saved your life."

As the pit rose in my stomach, he continued.

"Your blood sugar is over 400, we need to address this immediately."

...and thus began my journey into the unrelenting beast that is diabetes.

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I really don't know how to

I really don't know how to make an appropriate response NewSkeptic, apart from feeling good that you survived.

A blood sugar reading between 4 and 10 is within safe parameters, I was considered an extreme case when I checked into emergency with 32. Yea, 400 is a number that is just plain frightening.

What happens is that as you age, for every year you live, your body becomes less capable of producing insulin. It is a part of aging, an inevitable process.

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Sounds like a different scale

Sounds like a different scale. Normal is 90 to 120 so while 400 was extremely high it wasn’t magnitudes high. A normal reading for A1C is in the normal range at 5 or 6 and mine was 13.6. It was 6.2 at my recent check up so meds are working for now. The main problem now is feet neuropathy. It really just sucks.

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Yes, we are using different

Yes, we are using different scales. But this isn't a dick-measuring contest to see who came closest to death's door, all that matters is that you are alive, being properly treated, and back to enjoying life.

And I definitely intend to enjoy every second available to me. Although I am still sorely tempted to have on my tombstone "See, I told you I was sick" lol

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"But this isn't a dick

"But this isn't a dick-measuring contest"

Lucky for you.

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