Cannibalism and the religion of peace.

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Cannibalism and the religion of peace.

What better way to dispose of the body of a fourteen year old girl after gang raping and murdering her than grinding her body up and putting the meat in kebabs and selling them?

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That is so discusting and

That is so discusting and hateful. Espeacially when two non Muslims protected young girls in Portland with their lives. White woman are viewed as waste by these Muslim gangs. So disturbing and sad

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Hard to imagine some one

Hard to imagine some one doing such an hideous act. If I were a customer that bought a kebab that used the meat I would be very angry. I hope they catch all of them. Hard to imagine people being so cruel.

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Just a couple of points for

Just a couple of points for consideration.....

Re Charlene Downs...
The police took the Kebab house owner and his "accomplice " to court..... the case was thrown out due to lack of evidence.

Re Paige Chivers.....
Her murderer and his accomplice were arrested and imprisoned in 2015.... ( they were white British)

The source for this blog is one Lee John Barnes ..... erstwhile official (legal officer) for the BNP (British National Party).....

BNP...".Ideologically positioned on the extreme or far-right of British politics, the BNP has been characterised as fascist or neo-fascist by political scientists. Under Tyndall's leadership, it was more specifically regarded as Neo-Nazi. The party is ethnic nationalist, and it espouses the view that only white people should be citizens of the United Kingdom"

Now I'm not saying this is neo nazi white supremacist propaganda .......

But ....if it looks like a duck ,walks like a duck and it quacks......

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I am leaning towards

I am leaning towards watchmans opinion. Smells like bullshit to me. Jews sacrificing Christians babies on the sabbath anyone?

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The police messed up the

The police messed up the investigation. There were attempts to reopen the case. Too much time has lapsed. Oh well….such is life.

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Try this one out:https://www

Try this one out:

The MSM does a terrible job identifying minorities that commit crimes.

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However, the Rotheram case was real. South Asian gangs groomed and abused young girls for years. The incompetent South Yorkshire Police and the useless local council failed to investigate the crimes or help the more than 1,400 young victims, apparently out of fear of being labeled "racist."

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Quack on this: https://www

Quack on this:

Similar song different children.

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Quack on this: https://www
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Soylant Green anyone?

Soylant Green anyone?

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