Capitalism, Socialism or Communism?

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Capitalism, Socialism or Communism?

Which system do you prefer?
Why do you think your view is the correct one?

I want to know where Atheist stand.

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I don't understand them fully

I don't understand them fully, what are their purposes and how are they defined?

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I think you will find most

I think you will find most atheists are against communism which is why we get so pissed off when theists say atheism is communism.
Dont know much about socialism but capitalism is okay as long as the government puts limits in place to make sure everyone gets a fair shake.
I would love a utopia but not going to happen in my lifetime so stick with the devil we know.

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If you go too far right

If you go too far right (corporate fascism) or too far left (communism) you end up with the same thing: a small elite group of people running the country for their benefit at the expense of everybody else. I prefer something midway between the two.

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I would like to add one thing

I would like to add one thing. Concerning the theists claim that atheists are communists. They seem to forget the right’s poster girl Ayn Rand was an atheist.

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We all seem to endorse

We all seem to endorse capitalism and socialism. The things that are too important to leave to the terrors of the free market we socialize, the rest we don't. The real argument is what things should/shouldn't be socialized (this is where people start to disagree wildly).

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ImFree said it well above,

ImFree said it well above, Capitalism and socialism are the two best of the three mentioned mainly because capitalism happens regardless of what type of system is implemented. We cant trust people not to be corrupt, true communism will always fall to those who will exploit the system. Socialism is likely to continue gaining strength as technology and science move forward and there will be more need for it, Eventually capitalism will fade as a failed system. It appears one day there will be a fully automated socialized society almost a new and better form of communism ruled by machines rather than corrupt people that said corruption always finds a way.

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I agree with Zaphod;

I agree with Zaphod; unfortunately, things will be much worse before we achieve those changes. The changes needed won’t occur until after the next crash occurs. The current bubble Wall Street has blown will eventually pop.

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