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Why do you think they are not

Why do you think they are not?

All Religious Absolutists accept the Bible as being literal. They may deny, but they are just being liars in doing so.

The only way to interpret the Bible is literally. You cannot say it is metaphorical here, and literal here, and a euphemism here, ...

It is to be interpreted as literal else you are being dishonest with your own beliefs.


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JazzTheist: "You're simply

JazzTheist: "You're simply resorting to convenient denial. Show me the reasons of the justification of your assertion that Jesus wasn't divine."

Because, unlike all the Caesars, there is absolutely NO evidence of its existence, thus no existence. And wonder where I got my Razor? NO EVIDENCE = NO EXISTENCE.


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JazzTheist: "And both would

JazzTheist: "And both would be adequate names. By calling God ''gods'' (Elohim), you'd be describing him as having the power of all the gods ever invented by man. It's an understatement though, but still not a bad name."

Besides, Elohim was never used as an alternative to describe that monster of the Old Testament. Elohim was applied to the lesser beings that also existed alongside the Nephilim.

Again, are you sure you have read the Bible?

Please provide OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE your gods exist. Otherwise, you are so full of bullshit you can no longer smell the bullshit you are spewing.

Besides you have already said I am your god. Thus, shut the fuck up. You making me look bad.


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Let's check wikipedia.

Let's check wikipedia.

Elohim (Hebrew: אֱלֹהִים‬ [ʔɛloːˈhim]) in the Hebrew Bible refers to deities, and is one of the many names or titles for God in the Hebrew Bible.

Also, as I've said many, many times: the ''no evidence no existence'' dogma is exactly what I'm tackling, because it makes atheism unfalsifiable.

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My Razor has nothing to with

My Razor has nothing to with atheism. You are truly a mental retard. No longer is this an ad hominem for you.

And Wikipedia is not the best source for information. The text you offer proves that. Here is the reason why Elohim does not mean the god of the Bible: Genesis 6:4 – The Nephilim* were in the earth in those days. And the * note – "Or, giants, or Elohim."

Now about your retardedness.

In Greek:
?e?? (theos) = God, Lord, Creator;
e?a- [usually shortened to a-] (ena- [usually shortened to a-]) = to be without;
thus a?e?? (atheos) atheist = to be without God.

Atheism is nothing more than an "unconvinced lack of belief in any gods." Nothing more, nothing less.

My Razor: NO EVIDENCE = NO EXISTENCE is purely scientific. Remember this statement I made in another post?

Arakish: "The burden of proof shall forever lie with those who make the claims about anything. Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence.” If you propose the existence of something, anything, you MUST follow the Scientific Method in your defense of its existence. Otherwise, I have no reason to believe your preposterous, harebrained, ludicrous, outrageous, unreasonable, asinine claims. Hearsay, gossip, scuttlebutt is the worst possible form of any kind of evidence. ALL religious texts are nothing more than 100% hearsay. Thus, I have no reason to believe any religious text as any kind of proof. Until you Religious Absolutists can present any OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE to support your claims, then your claims shall forever be preposterous, harebrained, ludicrous, outrageous, unreasonable, asinine, and summarily dismissed."

Thus, I say this again. Until you can provide any evidence of the existence of your Sky Faerie, Magic Lich Virgin, and Rather Comedic Spook ... Your preposterous, harebrained, ludicrous, outrageous, unreasonable, asinine claims shall be forever summarily dismissed.

I am a scientist. I am currently sitting the installation and lab here a Yellowstone "minding the store" until Wednesday 26 December 2018 @ 1200hrs. And like a scientist, and an atheist, and a human, I want OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE; otherwise, apply the 8 Razors.

The Eight Razors:

  1. Sagan's Razor: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
  2. Hitchens's Razor: What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
  3. Arakish's Razor: NO EVIDENCE = NO EXISTENCE.
  4. Xenoview's Razor: Objective claims requires objective evidence.
  5. Randomhero1982's Razor: If it's not evidenced, it's bollocks.
  6. Cognostic's Razor: Any dweeb can make an assertion.
  7. LogicFTW's Razor: You MUST first prove your religion is not a con.
  8. Tin-Man's Butter Knife: Any ridiculous nonsense presented will be countered with opposing ridiculous nonsense of an equal or greater amount.
  • Cognostic's Shovel: When someone starts slinging bullshit at you, get a shovel and sling it back.

And instead of trying to be a mental retard, try to THINK CRITICALLY about what each Razor states.

Also realize you have matched EVERY list item below: List of how one can spot a Religious Absolutist and they only need match just ONE:

  1. They LIE without ever thinking about the veracity of their statement.
  2. They LIE without ever providing any evidence of their statement.
  3. They LIE by believing inexorably everything they state.
  4. They LIE by being absolute in their statements (either I believe or I am worthless scum).
  5. They LIE by using beguiling dialectical semantics.
  6. They LIE by using distorted and perveted data.
  7. They LIE by creating irrational excuses.
  8. They LIE by utilizing whiney-ass pleas.
  9. They LIE by not realizing why they need to defend their beliefs.
  10. They LIE by utilizing presupposed conclusions.
  11. They LIE by making accusations they never apologize for.
  12. They LIE by changing the subject.
  13. They LIE by shifting the burden of proof.

Thus, you are either a liar, or you just mentally retarded and cannot help it.


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"as I've said many, many

"as I've said many, many times: the ''no evidence no existence'' dogma is exactly what I'm tackling, because it makes atheism unfalsifiable."

Only claims or beliefs can be either falsifiable or unfalsifiable, atheism is neither a claim or a belief. You're still fallaciously viewing atheism as an assertion, something that carries a burden of proof. How effective is your fallacy on not believing in mermaids or unicorns? If it doesn't validate them as well then it can't validate a deity, not without a special pleading fallacy. After all I have no more evidence for the non existence of unicorns and mermaids than I do for unevidenced deities. Just the fact no one can demonstrate any objective evidence is reason enough.

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Arakish. Love ya man, but I

Arakish. Love ya man, but I need to call you out on a couple of things. I may be wrong on this, but I thought Jehovah was just the English transliteration of YHWH, the tetragrammaton which the new translations call Yahweh. But that's just my thinking. Secondly, please don't call jazzy or anyone else mentally retarded. I have spent 40 years working with mentally disabled people and am sick of people using this horrible affliction from a supposedly loving deity as a pejorative for someone they want to put down. I don't call anyone a fag, or the N word. Similarly, retard should be stricken from civil discourse. As for our friend jazzy, just borrow from the English and say his ideas are bollocks. Now, continue with the evisceration.

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Thank you Dancing Fool. I

Thank you Dancing Fool. I did post my definition the term "mentally retarded" as being a descriptive term for the Religious Absolutists who have accepted the brainwashing tactics of the Religious Absolutists when training the new recruits. Basically, I use that term not as a pejorative, although it may sound that way, but as a description of how one will believe in their religious beliefs so deeply that they are mentally retarding their natural mental faculties for critical thinking, logical and deductive reasoning, and rational and analytical thought, in exchange for being told what they should think.

I apologize. I shall try do my best in trying NOT to use that term. However, I have been using to describe the Religious Absolutists for so long, it is bound to slip here and there.

Like you I use the terms "mentally challenged" and/or "educationally challenged" to describe persons who are no less intelligent, just they are slower in learning.

I am sorry for any offense and shall endeavor to change my habits.

Thank you for giving me the DiNozzo Smack.


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No offense taken. Just a

No offense taken. Just a gentle reminder. I understand your usage; others may not. Keep up the good fight.

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Thanks for accepting the

Thanks for accepting the apology. Hate to be at odds with a fellow godless heathen. That is one thing we need more of: solidarity.


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It helps that most of us

It helps that most of us atheists listen to others, accept reality, be honest, and take ownership for our actions.

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To use a euphemism: Amen,

To use a euphemism: Amen, Brother.


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Quite a complex challenge.

Quite a complex challenge. Not easy to handle it

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It seems to me that this

It seems to me that this should not be taken literally, from there you need to take the standard norms of morality. For example, for me gambling is a good way to relax and I'm looking for something here and I don't think it's bad because it allows me to reset my emotions and be more kind and attentive to people.


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