The Chance Existence

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The Chance Existence

We are not here because some god put us here. We are here by chance. We also exist because of many lucky breaks, including something slamming into earth which allowed an atmosphere to exist as other rocks crashed into earth bringing the water of life. There were living beings on this planet way before us, and during part of the human race possibly. Many of the animals today still exist in some form.

But in any-case none of them biblical stories can be proved Christians believe in. There were in fact weather events which caused some if not all the so called plagues.

Anyways, most of us know this anyways, as well as The Big Bang.

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" We are here by chance."

At the human level, the chances of the single sperm which fertilised each egg which resulted in you and I is FROM 40 million to 1 billion to one.

Every human is a wonder of life..To survive long enough to reproduce is yet another wonder. Yet each of us is unique.

I have always found the natural world a source of endless beauty and fascination.

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Quite true, cranky.

Quite true, cranky.

And remember that every sperm and egg came from an ovum and a testis. And each of those came from the biology and physiology of the two humans in which they grew. And that came from the food, other chemicals and energy inputs which those human bodies used to make said ovary and testis.

On top of that we should add the necessity of the meeting of the sperm and ovum by one means or another, (casual sex, sex in a committed relationship, artificial fertilisation), that had to occur for that fertilisation to come about. With every part of this 'wonder of life', (perhaps from the big bang onwards ~ or not), there are antecedents which had to come about, in order for the latest step to be going on.

In that we might think of the stars making the matter, and elements which are involved at each stage. It is such a vastly, long and wide funnel of occurrences, leading to the production of a new human being, from the long past, up to the instance of the final action/outcome. It is an absolutely stunning set of priors which all had to have been, and interacted in some way or another, in order for any one instance of a new human life being brought into existence.

Finally, the same can be said for all new life coming into existence in the universe, frogs, trees, bees, mushrooms, corona-virus and all ~ maybe alien life ~ who knows? You could apply the same analysis for anything. If you stub your toe on a rock, you had to be born, and all that entailed, as outlined above. Plus all of the past events which led up to the rock being formed, and being where it lay, in order for you to have stubbed your toe.

Cheers, Mutorc.

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@Fievel Mousekewitz: "We

@Fievel Mousekewitz: "We are here by chance. " REALLY? What if nothing could have turned out any other way and it is all naturally predetermined? How is the bonding of any two carbon atoms mere chance?

Something slamming into the earth caused the atmosphere to exist? Interesting hypothesis; do you have any facts at all to support the idea that rocks smashing into planets cause atmospheres?

Rocks smashed into the earth and brought the "Water of Life." Is this a remake of Dune? Are there going to be giant sand-worms? Are you sure that's how water got here?

Have you been smoking the devil weed again?

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Actually there were many objects which hit earth in the beginning, as this planet hadn't any water on it when first formed. Our moon was suppose to have come from one of those collisions. It all happened in a random order too. If that one rock hadn't struck earth and wiped out the dinosaurs we might not be here, and the dinosaurs would rule this planet. And it is said that some sort of collision might have happened with a comet that brought the water here. There wasn't water on our earth from the start. 4.5 Billion years ago, we would have needed space suits just to be on our own planet.

And I was smoking earlier, but none is left in my system anymore.

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@Fievel Mousekewitz: Now

@Fievel Mousekewitz: Now demonstrate it was random chance.

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That's as far as I know been scientifically. Why, are you saying there was any kind of true order things happened?
I would say look at this video but that certain video keeps being taken down. But that's what Seth MacFarlane said as he explained how the universe came together as it expanded in every direction.

"If it was guided by the hand of god, he must have had some of what's in this cup." says Seth at one point.

Edit; One of the rocks which crashed into earth.

And he said that things happened in random.

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RE: "Why, are you saying

RE: "Why, are you saying there was any kind of true order things happened?"

Why are you saying there was any kind of CHANCE at all in the true order of things happening?


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At the most fundamental level

At the most fundamental level (that we know of so far) nature is probabilistic. So yeh, everything is a chance or probability. The reason you wrote this sitting on planet earth had higher probability so it happened. The hydrogen atom that is about to be torn apart to create a helium one some billions of light years away in some star has higher probability of happening in that "location" so that's where it's going to happen.

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I believe you guys are

I believe you guys are professing things about which you can not possibly know. There are no time machines and no way in to test your hypothesis of CHANCE. YOU CAN NOT ASSERT CHANCE until you have completely ruled out DETERMINISM. How do you know a chance event was not determined by events before it? Pretending it is all just Chance is no more than a "Chance of the gaps" argument. DETERMINISM does not assert that a "Hand of God" has or had anything to do with anything. You can not prove that everything has not happened exactly as it was supposed to happen, in the exact way and order it was supposed to happen. Given the state of the whole universe, every subsequent event can theoretically be determined. It is not possible to go back in time or prove that a source of randomness is truly random. Calling it "CHANCE" does not make it so. If we call it all DETERMINED we make the same error.

PROBABILITY: The extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening or being the case. (There are others on the site with a far greater understanding of probability than I. My understanding is that the probability of our universe being as it is now is 100%.) If you assert there is a probability of it being any different, you would have to present evidence for that assertion. (Hint - there is no evidence beyond "what if this or what if that." The universe is exactly as it is. You can not call it chance without ruling out determinism and you can not call it deterministic without ruling out chance.) Where do we go from here?

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We don't really know for sure, but it didn't happen in some exact way.

In any-case we are here.

Edit; I don't know where we go from here.

Things happened in our honer, so that we can inhabit this earth.

I still see as much reason as you do to believe in some force or god. None.

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@FIEVEL: "We don't really

@FIEVEL: "We don't really know for sure, but it didn't happen in some exact way."

And if we "don't know" YOU DON'T GET TO CALL IT CHANCE. You sound like a damn theist.

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@Cog “ Where do we go from

@Cog “ Where do we go from here?”

To my place for a well deserved “belly rub” - you earned it...

Speaking of which maybe “we earned” our place in the universe! Cool, huh...

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I drank the other day.. hear

I drank the other day.. hear me out tho.
When I drink it helps me to think
Despite what I’m going through, I don’t get drunk
Either it’s a buzz that makes me sharp.
I looked at life from a biological standpoint.
The spirituality I figure we’re all just forms of life experiencing the space and time and world as humans.

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