Charles Mackay - Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Cr

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Charles Mackay - Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Cr

I can't post in the Book section. A book that every atheist should read.

Debate it if you like!

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It is an amazing book! I've

It is an amazing book! I've posted this before:

Link to audio book version.

Link to text version.

Book does not need to be read in order. I really recommend (chapter 21 and 22 in the audio book); in the text book it is the chapter titled: Modern Prophecies.

It discusses many tragic (and also sometimes funny) Christian end of times craziness; among other silliness.

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It's my first reading. I

It's my first reading. I heard Matt D. mention it. I am loving it.

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This had been recommended to

This had been recommended to me before because of my obsessive religious concerns, definately on my list

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Hammaga salom. O'ylaymanki,

Hammaga salom. Parimatch Ozarbayjon veb-sayti, agar siz sport tikish uchun yangi bo'lsangiz, boshlash uchun ajoyib joy. sayti bukmekerlik konsernining bonuslari, roʻyxatdan oʻtish jarayoni va pul tikish imkoniyatlari haqida keng qamrovli maʼlumotlarni taqdim etadi. Men ushbu bukmekerlik ofisini tavsiya qilaman!"

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