Child Marriages in Islam

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Child Marriages in Islam

Child Marriages in Islam

Muslims follow the horrific example of their false prophet Mohammad.

Who, when he was 53 years old, married a 9-year-old girl.


Therefore, Muslims believe that if their (false) prophet can do it, it is ok for them to do it also.

Read and watch horror stories from many parts of the Muslim world about forced arranged child marriages and the brave young girls who are desperately fighting for their rights.

If you are a Muslim woman, you need to stand in solidarity and support these girls! The time is now. Instead of being a blind coward and supporting your local disgusting pedophile mullahs.

• Story of Nujood Ali:

• Story of Nada Al-Ahdal:

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Waiting for the big green guy

Waiting for the big green guy to enlighten you and the rest of us on this. He never fails to give a clear concise explanation of why it's just grand that 50-something men get it on with 9 year old youngsters, especially if they start breaking them in at 6 but wait to hit a homer until the ripe old age of 9.

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The liar will be along..

The liar will be along...sorry I meant the Lyon will be along to sneer at our subjective morality baulking at the idea of a child being raped.

It's about context apparently...So ROYISM and SFT, what is the context under which thecrspe of a nine year old child is objectively moral in your religious opinion?

Deafening silence is the more likely "response" here.

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Of course in that society and

Of course in that society and culture around the time the "prophecies" were written, arranged marriages and even sexual activity of young girls was very normal and accepted by the ruling elite old men. Many women died giving birth, if a male did not already have other, older, surviving children, that male would face starvation when he got too old to care for himself. Plus there is the whole: even old men can be horny pedophile disgusting people if they are given the chance to do so culturally.

A huge clue that people wrote these things, and what was written was not guided by some higher intelligence to make the books special in anyway. Just humans telling tall tales to make themselves feel better at night.

Like this thread suggest, sadly even today in some parts of the world this is still common practice, (maybe not quite to the extreme of Mohammad but still a common occurrence.) There are multiple documentaries and tons of written literature on this.



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India's supreme court just

India's supreme court just made it against the law to have sex with a child bride, but not against the law to marry a child.

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And don't forget, here in the

And don't forget, here in the "great" United States of America, there are 18 states that have NO minimum age for marriage. That means one could actually marry a new born baby.



EDIT: forgot Wiki source link:

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we certainly need new laws in

we certainly need new laws in the good old USA to stop the epidemic of baby brides.

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What we need in America are

What we need in America are laws to stop the epidemic of LAWS. We can seriously start with the Civil Forfeiture laws and stop the police from stealing homes, cars, money, and everything else from people. You know, if your kid gets busted for pot, the cops can come in and seize your home. To get it back you would have to go to court and prove your son never sold pot out of the house. (The house is guilty. The house is arrested and seized. You have to prove it is innocent to get it back.) Lives are being ruined because of these laws because no one cares if you are actually a drug dealer or not. The cops are just after the money.

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Police departments are organized crime syndicates.

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