Christ is divine

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Christ is divine

While I lived in Canada, I made an agreement with Father Boniface.
He was a Benedictine Monk.

I asked him if Jesus Christ is the son of God, send a hawk to my house window after you die.

After about six months after he died, I stood at my living room window in May 2012 in my house on Semmering Austria, and a hawk or falcon flew to my window and sat on my windowsill for a few seconds and then flew away.

I have never seen a falcon here before and considered this a sign that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

He came to this world to save and illuminate humanity with the Christ Consciousness (I.e Sermon on the mount and the Golden rule)

Praised be Jesus Christ!!

Semmering Austria



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I prayed to Ra the sun deity

I prayed to Ra the sun deity for rain on the first day of Spring. The first day of Spring it rained where we usually get snow, so I know Ra is the true Creator. The sun still shines and everything.

Blessed be Ra, the true Creator.

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There is not one piece of

There is not one piece of contemporary third party evidence for the existence of a christ as described in the gospels.

The only "evidence" is wishful thinking from the deluded. I have a cat sat on my lap and that proves it.

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So you are in the beautiful

So you are in the beautiful rural community surrounded by the wilds and wildlife. And a hawk flies by? What are the odds one would be sighted?

What are the odds, one day in a week? 1 in 7?

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Oh DAMN!!!!

Oh DAMN!!!!
I had the same thing happen to me. I met a Greek Orthodox Catholic on the Island of Naxos. We had entered a small cafe in a small mountain village and as soon as we walked in we were sorry we did. We were planning on lunch but all the meat was hanging on hooks, drying in the open air of the shop. Trying not to be rude we pulled a couple of cokes out of the cooler and grabbed the table by the only window seat. Across the room was a little priestly looking guy in a dark robe and wearing a red fezz. He was hacking and coughing and from the vomit bucket next to his chair we knew he was going to die. He caught us looking at him and so we were forced to say "Hi" while swatting flies away from our cokes. The man said "I will meet my maker soon." I told him I did not believe in makers. He stood and shook a finger at me. "Sinner! You filthy sinner. I curs you and from this day forth all your shits will be painful and shaped like Jesus on the cross." Sure enough, every shit I have ever taken from that point forward is shaped like Jesus on the cross. That's why I am an Atheist. FUCK GOD! You ever tried to shit a foot long cross! When I get to heaven I'm gonna......

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I think I ate that hawk.

I think I ate that hawk. Did it have two feet, wings, eyes and a beak?

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Huh. Bird brain.

Huh. Bird brain.

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Its the RAPTOR!!!!!! Take Me

Its the RAPTOR!!!!!! Take Me Jesus!!!!!!!!!...uh...oh...wait...

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That is a post hoc ergo

That is a post hoc ergo propter hoc common logical fallacy.

If it's true of course. What kind of control groups did you use in this "test" of yours?

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This must mean that Mormonism

This must mean that Mormonism is true, as they never fail to turn up.

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I was walking along the

I was walking along the street reading an old book of proverbs that I'd just bought from a second-hand shop. As I read "God doesn't control the raindrops" a drop of rain landed on the word 'God'. There was just a small cloud in the sky above me ... no other raindrops fell ... just this one ... carefully aimed by God so as to send a message to me that He exists. That was decades ago ... I'm still waiting for his next move.

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Are you an Atheist? You sound like a theists with some of your post.

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'The transformations of Fire are, first of all, sea; and half of the sea is earth, half whirlwind'

Heraclitus of Ephesus

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So why did it take 6 months

So why did it take 6 months for the bird to show up?

Which was it a hawk or a falcon?

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@Xeno Re: "So why did it

@Xeno Re: "So why did it take 6 months for the bird to show up?"

Dang, dude. Really? That's sooo obvious. It is a really long flight from heaven back to Earth. Duh...

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'When hawks and falcons accidentally cross your path – or just appear out of nowhere – is a powerful omen to be alert, as evil is nearby.'

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@SeniorCitizen007: When hawks

@SeniorCitizen007: When hawks and falcons accidentally cross your path – or just appear out of nowhere – is a powerful omen

No no. Hawks and falcons are only dangerous if you're a mouse or other small mammal. The birds that are really dangerous to people are the kea in New Zealand and the peewee in Australia. The kea is an alpine parrot. If you park your car in its territory, it will rip off the wipers and mirrors and chew pieces out of your tires just for fun. The peewee is about the size of a pigeon, but it has a needle sharp beak and it will try to blind you. In the nesting season, it is pure aggression and afraid of nothing.

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I was sitting on a bench with

I was sitting on a bench with a woman, by the side of a road, late one evening. No other people were around … but there was a flow of traffic. I sensed a movement behind me, turned … and there was a fox sitting on the wall a couple of feet away. It sat there for several minutes watching us. When we walked off it walked along beside us. We reached a crossing … and the fox waited with us until the lights changed … as we began to cross it nipped across the road and went about its business.

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When I was eight, the little

When I was eight, the little girl next door and I went to Sunday school together where we sang and prayed as children do. Outside the church, we were waiting to cross the busy road to go home, when a dog came and stood beside us. However, it couldn't wait, and darted across the road into the path of a car. The dog was hit, and lay in the road injured and howling, while cars drove around it. We just watched traumatized, waiting for Jesus to do something, but he didn't. The minister and Sunday school teacher came out the church and walked away. After about 30 minutes, a man in a truck stopped, picked up the dog, and took it away.

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So Jesus sent a man....and a

So Jesus sent a man....and a truck?

The problem with selection bias is that like faith it'll tell the owner what they desperately want to hear.

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The moral of the story is that Jesus (in the persons of his earthly representatives) takes the money in the collection plate but does fuck all otherwise, and that any good that happens in the world is caused by humans. One person experiencing that scene might have praised god for sending the man with the truck. Another might have concluded that no just and merciful god would have left an animal suffering in the road so long in front of two traumatized children.

And if there was a god, John Travolta would have picked up the dog and healed it.

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Okay. Now you just need to

Okay. Now you just need to have it happen a few dozen times and show it consistently happens under a given set of circumstances that are testable and you're golden.

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Atually thays notcquite true.

Actually that's not quite true, assuming he could show consistent results, and eliminate all bias, he'd still only have an event he couldn't explain.

The assumption its a dead friend coming back as an animal might not be so obviously risible, but it'd still be just an inexplicable event.

NB The idea it would evidence a deity in either scenario is ludicrous assumption.

It's also worth noting how often and how casually religious apologists accept such flimsy happenstance, while simultaneously casually denying things like species evolution that has satisfied the vastly more rigorous and entirely objective principles of validation in the scientific method, over and over and over again, from multiple fields and in over 160 years of scrutiny and research.

Double standard doesn't quite do that level of delusional hypocrisy justice really.

This is the point where they shoot the messenger so to speak.

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Divine does not exist, so...

Divine does not exist, so....Jesus is divine!

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@Chimp3: Divine does not

@Chimp3: Divine does not exist

Tell that to Hugh Grant.

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If you had asked for a fully grown bull elephant to crap in your living room and if it had then that would have been a credible sign. I think you struck out with the hawk/ falcon thing since that is not extraordinary.

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This whole hawk/falcon story

This whole hawk/falcon story smacks of necromancy.
Seriously hawks and falcons snd all other animals are just that, animals in nature. Not fucking celestial messengers with news from beyond the grave. Grow up.

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What did Yeshua ever do that

What did Yeshua ever do that made him worthy of being worshiped?

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He endorsed slavery, and

He endorsed slavery, and promulgated the appalling idea that humans should be tortured forever after they die, just for failing to be gullible enough to believe his spiel.

It's not very compelling to be honest.

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