Christian: Can you Marry an atheist as a wife?

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Christian: Can you Marry an atheist as a wife?

Personally I feel you'll have problems when it comes to faith. But as an atheist as well, can you accept to marry a Christian guy? Vice versa as application. Please comment.

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My wife is Christian. I will

My wife is Christian. I will admit it is hard sometimes, especially with kids.

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That would be hard,

That would be hard, especially once you have kids. When you tell your kids to pray at night and then they ask you to pray with them, they would ask why their other parent isn't praying with you. How would you answer them?

But if I really love her, I think I would still marry her.

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if both truly love each other

if both truly love each other, religious beliefs or lack there of wouldn't and shouldn't be an issue.

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i fell for a religious girl

I fell for a religious girl without knowing that she's religious , after I found that out I said it's okay , we wont talk about these stuff .. but something inside me makes me feel uncomfortable with this relationship even I still love her the same .

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Your wife can be anything as

Your wife can be anything as far as her religious beliefs. You should never decide such things as marriage because of that kind of factor. She should only require to be honorable, open minded and mature enough to evolve into a better person day by day, and you have yourself a keeper.

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Just think of how many people

Just think of how many people have declined the love of a good partner because of religious disagreements. It's sad and ilogical.

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even though there are so few

even though there are so few atheist out there already it would be good to find an atheist wife or husband. Than when it comes to raising children you wont have the ugly debate of whether its moral or not to teach them about god or keep it a secular house hold. Or wether your son or daughter should be baptized or not

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My parents have opposing

My parents have opposing beliefs - my dad is Atheist and mother is Christian (a weak one at that who rarely mentions God). They rarely discuss religion and the topic is altogether unheard of in the household. I think it really comes down to how vocal a person is about his/her beliefs. If a Christian person constantly talks about God to an Atheist mate then I would say quit before it gets worse. If both mates do not discuss religion often or lay their beliefs straight with one another then it is possible things can work out, especially if you are similar on other levels, i.e. financial management, business, adventure, etc.

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When my husband and me got

When my husband and me got married, we are both hardcore christians. A very dedicated couples to serve the church. Things happened and knowledge evolved, I'm no longer a christian now. We sometimes have a debate and it really took hours before it stop. I told him that I already know his kind of answers before he can even lay it. I was once a christian who can defend my faith that much. But since I already know what a christian should answer, I know how wrong they are now.
I always try to avoid debate and I don't bring my kids to church.
Gladly, my husband is too busy with his work so he spend his Sunday resting at home and can't even remember his christian obligations.
My problem now is how to explain to my kids about my belief and how to deal with it they become mature enough to ask questions.

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If She thinks I'm a dirty

If She thinks I'm a dirty sinner -I wouldn't like her very much, I She thinks I'm going to be tortured for ever,She must convince me -So I'd run,far away.
I hear it can work,a specialy if they don't talk about it, but trobles come with children. I couldn't stand her teach nonsense to our children,send them to church or pray at the table.So I think She must convert me or start thinking-reject nonsense & accept reality.

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Trying to assume a christian

Trying to assume a christian mindset for a second - if you believe in an afterlife, and that non-believers are damned to hell, would really want to anchor your life to someone who couldn't enjoy an afterlife with you? Equally, how would it make you feel about your faith that the person you love so much will be tortured for all eternity in Hell?

As an agnostic and a scientist, I don't think I'd marry someone of faith. I've tried dating JudeoChristian believers, and they are impressed by my knowledge of scripture (and I'm disgusted that they claim to believe a book they've never even read) but ultimately feel that they can use it to try to make me believe in a divine source of that scripture. Never say never of course. My current boyfriend and I have different beliefs (but he's abandoned most of his as he's matured out of the need to rely on a deity for intrinsic moral guidance) and he still clings to his ego through the concept of reincarnation as a whole being. It's annoying, but over the years I can tell when he talks to me how foolish he really feels about it. Only when he's overbearing (often at first, less over time) do I tell him the logical flaws in his belief system.

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